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Driving Sounds allows the owners of cars to explain why they upgraded their audio. We also probe the owner's musical background, if any, and musical taste and influences. Music is always the starting point to a good install and the owner of these two cars, Justin Murray, admits that music has a profound effect on both his life and his driving pleasure.



Products are generally reviewed within our car features as part of the system as a whole. Here we set out to review a product in isolation and out of a vehicle in a studio environment. This review revealed the designer's motivation and purpose in a way not previously attempted by Driving Sounds.



Want to know about things, but without being bamboozled by science? Us too. We go to great lengths to ensure our technical features are relevant and meaningful and help readers to navigate technical specifications, sometimes quoted in brochure copy. In these features, we attempt to add purpose to the odd squiggles that appear at the back of many product brochures!


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