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We were delighted to be invited to listen to an Audi A6 owned by working musician and saxophone impresario, Snake Davis. We often wonder what the genuinely musically talented think of both standard car audio and the upgrades available. Thanks to this charming man’s patience, I think it is fair to say we got a very good impression whilst listening to his exceptional car. We were so chuffed we asked Snake Davis (for it is him) to contribute to an article exploring the current state of musicianship. You can find that feature on page 22.

State-of-the-art in everything but audio, this innovative car is seriously let down by standard audio mediocrity. Fortunately, this lucky owner chanced upon FOUR MASTER John Kleis, who saw to it that his listening experience was equal to the driving experience in this magnificent motor. The result is spectacular and surprisingly has little or no affect on car performance.



We feature the best most recent products and wherever possible audition them in their natural habitat. We report not only on technical specifications but musicality and enjoyment. This is a truly unique feature of our magazine, as we believe simply saying this one is better than that one is nowhere near enough.


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