Issue 9

Finally!! Our COVID affected issue of Driving Sounds Magazine is now officially published!

All content is posted on our site for free download. Printed copies can be obtained by visiting a local FOUR MASTER or Four Car Audio dealer. We will also be distributing the magazine at shows, so watch out for us at a car event near you.

Issue 8

In this issue, as well as some great cars, we have some really useful "Technical Features". A bit of a misnomer as we have tried very hard to make them as untechnical as possible.

Looking at specification lists of equipment can be a minefield and we try to explain which features of a piece of equipment are important and why.

We list out each article seperately so that you can read just the articles you are most interested in.

Issue 7

Great cars including our first foray into electric vehicles, a spectacular VW T5 and of course a real life musical celebrity all make this one of our finest issues.


Issue 6

Some fantastic installs including a great DIY offering in this issue. There is also some music industry wisdom from music producer Marco Migliari.


Cover shot is a Nissan GTR R35 with very sorted bass!

Issue 5

This issue celebrates the dawn of hi res audio in the car. Along the way, we explain what hi res audio is, why it is important, how to get it in your vehicle and what to listen out for.

Also have our usual illuminating technical for the non technical features and some great cars!

Issue 4

We loved this front cover. The tower of rubbish OEM speakers was topped by a set of magnificent Audison Thesis. The intention was to demonstrate the difference between the cardboard and tin monstrosity's fitted at the factory and what you can have.

The whole issue reflected our outrage that new car buyers were paying well over the odds for audio upgrades that were anything but. 

Things have not changed much either. An aftermarket upgrade is always better value for money.

Issue 3

Issue 3 of Driving Sounds Magazine featured some of our favourite cars to date. We listened to a fantastic sounding VW Touareg one of the first UK cars to be "bit-tuned" and we loved the results! We also checked out an install in an Audi TT by installer Karl Ward of FOUR MASTER Ultimate Audio and heard all sorts of things in some very old recordings that we had not heard before.

Issue 2

This issue is jam-packed full of useful information for anyone considering a car audio upgrade or with an interest in audio.

Features some great cars including the first car we saw with end-to-end digital audio transfer. Even back then (2013) the trend was for discrete installation rendering a featured Peugeot somehwat old-skool, although still spectacular!

Issue 1

Where it all began for us!

Although some of the products featured may no longer be available, the stories are factual and still convey the sheer joy experienced by these car audio upgraders!

This 26-page first attempt is a great introduction to the world of car audio.