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Blissful BMW

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Jeremy Hyde is a man who knows what he wants and what he wants in his car is excellent audio. Having installed systems in previous cars himself, he gave FOUR MASTER John Kleis Car Audio a chance to impress with an install into his BMW E-90.

DS: How did you find the service? Was your mind completely made up as to what you wanted before you got there or did JK advise you? If the latter, what was their style, heavy sell, gentle persuasion or personal recommendation?

JH: They didn't attempt a hard sales approach, possibly because I kind of knew that I needed a custom installation rather than a simple speaker upgrade and addition of an amp, sub and head unit. They were very professional and delivered a demonstration after asking what kind of music I liked. They sat me in their Demo car, which has custom door-builds, custom sub enclosure and multiple amps and a Bit 1. We listened to some of my own CD's and I was very impressed with the openness of the sound from the Bit 1. It confirmed that this was the right way to go with my system.

Blissful BMW article
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