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Our annual round up of things car audio goes from strength-to-strength with many readers purchasing multiple issues.

The current issue is yet again stacked to the gunwales with informative articles on common audio topics as well as product reviews and most importantly, customer’s car or van features.

We were lucky enough to catch up and listen to a VW T5 belonging to Martin Brewer and find out how his weekend van was turned in to a high quality listening environment despite a tight budget

Elsewhere we discuss the importance of mid-range reproduction. This often overlooked part of the frequency spectrum is vital to faithful replication of music and the majority of factory installed systems are sadly lacking in this important area as emphasis is placed on bass and treble.

Without music of course, the entire exercise would be futile. Each vehicle is reviewed using a selection of tracks that we try to unpick for our readers so that they can check the system in their own car out against what we think they should be able to hear. We round up favourite tracks of all those we meet when creating the magazine as well as our own audition tracks. These are compiled into our regular “Top Tunes” feature.


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Please note, hard copy sales of Driving Sounds Magazine are only available to UK-based readers.

Please note, hard copy sales of Driving Sounds Magazine are only available to UK-based readers.

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