Focus, Focus, Focus!

Ian Cleaver is clearly a man of taste. Having spoken only briefly on the phone and received descriptions of his brand new audio system from FOUR MASTER Cambridge Car Audio ( See video here ), he also seems to love his car.

This pristine Focus RS has received plenty of attention and I suspect it will continue to do so as he takes it to car club meetings and gives it other opprtunities to shine in public!

The audio system has been designed in close consultation between Ian and Adil Khokhar of Cambridge Car Audio and is unusual for its mix of no less than three separate audio brands. The brands concerned are Hertz, Audison and Eton. All have great provenance in high end car audio and this uncommon mix shows the depth and attention to detail Cambridge Car Audio goes to when designing a system to suit its customer's specific requirments.

Up front, Adil has selected Audison Voce speakers. The AV 6.5 woofers and AV 1.1 tweeters are run actively and deliver a detailed yet fairly relaxed sound without the harshness often experienced in many systems of this type. Rear-seated passengers are entertained by a pair of Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3.

Amplification is provided by two Hertz ML Power 4 class D, four channel amplifiers. These are configured so that two channels run the Voce tweeters directly whilst another two feed the crossovers of the MPK's which are run passivley. The Voce woofers run from the other amplifier which is bridged to deliver plenty of power and therefore control.

For bass, two Eton UG USB 10 active flat box subwoofers have been used. These provide astonishing low end despite their compact size. Each contains a dual voice coil 10" subwoofer and a two channel 85 watt per channel amplifier. These are not going to cause earthquakes, but will provide balanced and polite musical sub bass without dominating luggage space.

At the heart of the system sits an Audison bit Nove processor. This allows for a multitude of adjustment and configuration options. Most importantly for an install of this kind, time alignment is available on all channels as well as all important phase adjustment. A choice of filter types is also available along with a 10-band parametric equaliser with variable Q on each channel. The option to set up and instantly recall up to four different preset "sounds" adds a nice touch and is very much welcomed by those of eclectic taste such as Ian.

I get to see and hopefully hear this car at the 2019 Ford Fair at Silverstone and I am very excited by this unique system. A full four-page feature will appear in the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine.