Blue Sky Thinking

Having yet to meet Justin Murray, I am not really in position to offer much in the way of background. However, a cursory bit of research along with a number of emails suggests he is ambitious and energetic in pursuit of the finer things in life. This is certainly true of his car audio activity. He has been an enthusiastic and demanding customer of Norwich In Car Entertainment for many years having had in the region of five cars upgraded by Tim Pooley and his expert installers.

The arrival of Justin's BMW M5 saw him step up a level or two in pursuit of excellent sound. I have not yet got to the bottom of the configuration of this car but do know that he has seven amplified channels on board delivered by two gorgeous Audison Voce amplifiers. One of these is the brilliant Voce 5.1K HD that provides distortion-free amplifcation from Class A and Class AB channels as well as a mighty 1000 Watt RMS Class D stage capable of turning pretty much any subwoofer inside out if required! The second amplifier is a Voce Due 2-channel capable of providing 2 X 260 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms. 

Tim has employed the lovely Voce tweeter (AV 1.1) and matching mid range pair (AV 3.0). At this time, I have no idea what is fitted under the seats or how big the subwoofer is. However, a listen to his Top Five suggests it will be a big one!

The whole system is held together, tuned and made more musical by the very capable Audison bit One digital signal processor. bit One has eight input channels each with a 31-band graphic equaliser dedicated to it. Time alignment and Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth filters add extra tuning and tweaking options and at this level, the ability to minutely adjust every part of the sound is essential.

I am really looking forward to meeting Justin and getting my ears around what promises to be a spectacular system!