Colin, Andrea and Adam

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ADAM boot install - Designed for show!


I was alerted to Colin and Andrea’s Adam S (1.4 L turbo) by the audio system’s creators, John Kleis Car Audio.


The couple are based in Swindon, having met 16 years ago while both working at the Honda Factory. Andrea had relocated from Stoke-on-Trent while Colin is Wiltshire born and bred.



The car is small, noisy and fast and so any system would have to be good enough to be heard over plenty of road and engine noise. There are a number of ways to achieve this and it would be tempting to try and simply over-power sound with louder sounds. However, this may not only make you unpopular with your neighbours, but could eventually damage your hearing!


A much more measured approach and the one followed by John Kleis, is to quieten the vehicle as much as possible with a suitable sound deadening material. In this case, ace installer at John Kleis, Simon Longmuir chose to use Skinz Pro Black 2mm.


Simon also chose to add Skinz Wave Diffuser. This reduces back waves reflecting from surfaces behind the speaker that can distort and cancel out cone movement. Finally, the speaker sound is directed into the car via a pair of F.A.S.T foam rings.



Colin likes bass-heavy club music while Andrea goes for guitar-oriented rock. This can be a tricky combination, as Andrea’s preference does not necessarily love huge amounts of bass. In rock music the important information inhabits the middle reaches of the audio spectrum. On the other hand, Colin’s appetite for bass required sating. Simon achieved this by accommodating not one but two 10” Audison Prima subwoofers. The boot is tiny and this achievement can only be marvelled at!



Up front, the factory speakers were replaced by Audison Prima APK 165’s. These achieve an excellent balance between punch and clarity. They are exceedingly versatile and completely at home with rock, pop, club or even acoustic and orchestral genres. Set up was always going to be critical in this car and so the front speakers are run actively via an Audison bit TEN processor (hidden away under the amplifier) with associated remote control cunningly installed in the ceiling above the rear-view mirror. The rear speakers are also upgraded, this time with Audison Prima APX 165 coaxials.


Audison bit TEN Processor


Audison Prima APX 6.5 Speakers


In order to provide the required grunt to drive both subwoofers while offering control of the full-range speaker movement, Simon dipped into the Audison Product Portfolio and pulled out an Audison SR 5.600, 5-channel amplifier. This delivers 75 Watts RMS from four of its five channels. This is plenty to get the best from the Audison Prima speakers. The amplifier also sports a single 300watt RMS output. This is more than adequate for the two super-efficient APX 10 S4S subwoofers, wired in parallel, therefore receiving 550 Watts RMS from the SR amplifier.


Audison SR 5.600 Amplifier


The boot build is extravagant enough to impress when shown at the many car shows Colin and Andrea were commonly seen at pre lockdown. They tell me they will definitely be back on the show scene again, once restrictions have been lifted. I particularly like the way that the amplifier seems to float above the subs when viewed from above. Some mood lighting by way of LED strips that surround the boot-build and help to emphasise the craftsmanship on show from Simon.


Overall, this system is a fantastic demonstration of Audison equipment. I have never heard a SR amplifier before. It is a class D amplifier which sounds for all the world like a class AB. It is compact yet, extremely capable, separating the different dynamics in the mid-range incredibly well.


Huge thanks need to go to Colin and Andrea for their commitment to great sound in their cars and also for giving up a good chunk of their day off, so that I could rudely stick a lens in their faces and hog the driving seat while listening to their system. I hope this one brings them many years of pleasure. Simon also needs a big up for the sterling job he has made in the execution and set up of this amazing example of a proper car audio upgrade.

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