FOUR MASTERS Members Make Light Work OF Car Audio Installations



FOUR MASTERS is a national network of independent car audio installers bound together by common standards, principles and benefits. We take a closer look into the life, work and skills of this unique group of car audio specialist businesses.


If you are a music lover looking to get the most out of your driving experience you are going to have to do something about the always-lousy factory-fitted equipment. This requires; knowledge, skill and care in order to ensure your vehicle remains otherwise unaffected by the modifications required to deliver a fantastic listening experience.


FOUR MASTERS are adept at integrating great aftermarket equipment with all kinds of motor vehicles. Whether your pride and joy is privately owned, leased or provided by your employer, a well designed and fitted system can be installed and then seamlessly de-installed at the end of your ownership and the equipment used in your next vehicle.


Most drivers require equipment to be hidden away from prying eyes (or the boss) and this is eminently possible as most installations carried out utilise existing speaker positions while amplifiers and processors can be hidden away behind trim panels and subwoofers made removable or situated under front seats.


How can they do this? The equipment FOUR MASTERS rely on is developed specifically to project sound to your ears even if it is mounted pointing toward your feet. The addition of clever signal processors can help to move the apparent sound source to pretty much anywhere in your car. Alternatively, your chosen FOUR MASTER may choose to adapt standard mounting positions to ensure that speakers are angled toward the listener.


If you want something a little more bespoke in a leisure vehicle or classic model for instance, FOUR MASTERS also have the skills to fabricate, re-trim, re-upholster and design a system just for you and your tastes. With a whole host of products available to them, all sonic demands can be met with ease.


Because FOUR MASTERS are joined by common principles and aftersales service benefits, a 3-year national parts and labour warranty is provided on key brands such as Rainbow, Audison, Hertz and UPGRADE by Eton. This means that in the unlikely event of an issue arising while you are on the road, you can pop into any FOUR MASTER and receive the exact same service as if it were your own installer and all this is free of charge. Furthermore, a FOUR MASTER install offers free of charge membership to the Driving Sounds Club where you can share your experiences with other lucky customers and get inside information about the industry, new products and new issues of the magazine. You can even get involved directly with Driving Sounds by suggesting your own top tunes or offering your vehicle for review.


It is always difficult to know exactly how much you will like the equipment chosen for your system. FOUR MASTERS therefore, give a 21-day satisfaction guarantee. During this time you can return your vehicle to the original FOUR MASTER and have the equipment removed and receive a credit (excluding labour). It is more likely however that the FOUR MASTER will simply replace the equipment with something else that better suits your needs.


There is no doubt that if you wish to improve the sound in your car, your local FOUR MASTER is the best place to go.


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