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Highdown Lowdown


Highdown Car Audio and Security has amassed over 50 trophies won in sound-off competitions over the 6 years of it’s existence. Driven by a passion for cars, sound quality and outrageously loud, deep reaching bass monsters, the family run business is the place to go for car sound if you live anywhere near West Sussex.


Proprietor Jeremy, has over 15 years experience in the car audio industry and a previous army career where he trained as a medical technician. Either side of this he worked for Dixons so there is not much you can tell him about retailing consumer durable goods. Jeremy got the car audio bug after listening to a Maystar equipped demo vehicle and now working with his son James, his thriving business offers first class service and skills to the car phone, reversing sensor, security and audio markets.


It is James and Jeremy’s passion for audio that bought them to the FOUR MASTER programme however as their latest demo vehicle, a VW Polo featuring a 15000 Watt RMS Hertz SPL Show amplifier, demonstrates.


Jeremy tells us; “we wanted to build a demo vehicle which would show off our skill in building extreme vehicles. Our reputation for sound quality is well established but we felt we could do more to engage young drivers in what we do. It is no surprise that our younger customers are often driven by a need for heavy bass. It is an important element of the music they listen to and often used as a measure of status amongst car club members. The car belongs to my son James and has been entered in EMMA sound off competitions in many guises since before he passed his driving test! He famously (in competition terms) won a sound quality league in his first year of competition, which helped us to establish Team Highdown, which at its height had 15 members all competing on a regular basis with installs we built”


The latest incarnation of the Polo has won 1st prize in EMMA’s SPL Expert class on its first outing and is capable of producing a measured output of 160dB. Not to be outdone, at the same event, Jeremy won the Master 4000 Euro class with a rapidly built and partly unfinished install in his wife’s car!


With plans to compete in as many EMMA rounds as possible, Highdown are also avid supporters of the FOUR MASTER live programme and only too happy to show the Polo at those events. Jeremy points out; ”This car really does the business at shows. It will draw a crowd, even at large outdoor events with its immense power and low bass but it also plays higher frequencies and we are currently contemplating hiring it out for an instant mobile PA solution for parties and shows.

Music for Driving

Recommended by James

Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

2- Beautiful - Akon Ft Colby O.Donis & Kardinal Offishall

3- Ride Wit Me - Nelly

4- Mama Do The Hump - Rizzle Kicks

5- Everybody - Backstreet Boys



Equipment List


1 x Hertz 15.5k SPL Monster Amplifier - 15,500w RMS

2 x Hertz 15" SPL Monster Sub-Woofers - 8,000w Each

4 x Hertz SV250 - 10" SPL Show Mid-Range Speakers

1 Pair x Hertz ST44 - 44mm SPL Show Compression Bullet Tweeters

2 Pairs x Hertz SV200 - 8" SPL Show Mid-Range Speakers

1 Pair x Hertz ST35 - 35mm SPL Show Compression Bullet Tweeters

2 x Hertz HDP4 - High Digital Power 4 Channel Amplifiers

1 x Pioneer AVH-8400BT - D-Din 7" Screen Head-Unit Audison Connections

Cabling/Fusing Throughout


Total Equipment Cost : £10,270.00


Labour For Overall Build: £4,000.00 Inc Materials/Batteries/Lighting etc.

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