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Driving Sounds Magazine is the only dedicated car audio magazine in the UK. Its intention is to expose readers to the concept of good quality audio in their cars. Produced by a group of music professionals with a passion for proper music reproduction in cars and supported by car audio specialists and some of the brands they carry, the magazine is small but we like to think, perfectly formed.

Everyone loves music and the car can be the most perfect place to listen. Music whilst driving can enhance a pleasurable experience or protect the driver and vehicle’s passengers from the stress and tension that often accompanies being stuck in traffic. However, the majority of factory installed systems sound poor. Speaker placement and a lack of sound treatment are just two of the major obstacles which require innovative solutions outside of the knowledge and expertise of car manufacturers. Some create “partnerships” with hifi manufacturers and purveyors of great sounding products, but many of these tend to be more about consumer confidence and credibility rather than performance.

Driving Sounds Magazine was created in order to share information on just what it is possible for a properly trained car audio specialist to achieve in just about any car.

Within our car features we discover what took the car owner to his local specialist in the first place, a review of the hardware and how it was installed and a listening test along with the owners top five driving sounds.

This website allows visitors to sample and buy full versions of each article in the magazine so you can read just those articles which interest you. You may also wish to purchase the whole printed version or watch some accompanying videos offering even greater insight to the world of car audio.

If you love music but have never considered an upgraded audio system for your car, Driving Sounds Magazine may just convince you of the need to do so.

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