Wot no August News Bulletin?

September News Part 1

Hello to Driving Sounds Club members new and old and welcome to September part 1. I am afraid we failed to get an August bulletin out to you all. We intend to make this up to you by sending two in September. We need to do this as we promised those who entered our summer competition that the prize winner would be announced in September. We are not quite ready to do this yet, so will send another bulletin at the end of the month - Hoorah! - Read on for all the usual enthralling features, sneeky-peeks and car audio wisdoms directly from Driving Sounds towers! As you know, we are music lovers and we support a very broad church here, as those who have found our hidden September feature track will now know. Have a look for a hidden link to find out just how broad our church is!

Sneeky Peek

From A to B to C
Mechanical Design Engineer, Bruce Gowans has been a follower of Driving Sounds for some time now. He has finally had an audiophile's dream of an install completed in his BMW 1-series by master installers, Studio Incar.
Bruce allows us this tantalising preview prior to us visiting to shoot and listen to his masterpiece for an article in the next issue. Read on here!


Top 5 Driving Sounds

The astute and mentally agile amongst you may recognise this list. We brought you Bruce Gowan's top five way back in July 2014, so apologies if it is old news to you. I suspect it is well worth running again as in the meantime we have picked up 100's of new club members and it is also a fantastic set of tunes.  For those interested in absolute accuracy, Bruce has substituted one of the tracks from the original list with a HD rendition of a beautiful Gregory Porter tune. The afore mentioned mentally agile will doubtless remember the name of the track it replaces? (answers on a postcard?)
Brian Eno - This
AWOL Nation - Sail
The Staves - Facing West
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Bang Bang (Yu Yu Ma Chill Out Mix)
Gregory Porter - Hey Laura (24 bit, 96 kHz)

If you would like to share your own top five with us, email: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk
A Case for Bassless Driving?

Car Audio scares a lot of music lovers. Mostly those who remember the sad old days of Max Power Magazine and the noise, anti-social behaviour and misogynistic leanings it promoted! This blog attempts to repair the damage done in the 90's and 00's to the reputation of our business. Read with an open mind and all will be fine!


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Caveat Emptor

Consumer electronics markets have been under attack by poor and misleading internet selling for a number of years now. This has had a marked effect on trader's opportunities to cover their costs when selling to the general public. Unfortunately, there are always online "heroes" prepared to sell products at a loss in order to clear them from their stock rooms. There are also those who are selling counterfeit goods online and simply pulling the plug on their business to avoid detection. Car audio products are not immune to such practices and we have recently received a number of pleading emails from members who have fallen foul of such practices. In one case, I was contacted by someone who had purchased a sophisticated product for the their car from Europe. This saved them 20% on the retail price that the same product sells for in the UK. Unfortunately, they were unable to make the product work once it was installed and contacted the local UK distributor for help. Clearly, the UK distributor and its network of resellers are unable to do anything in these cases as they have not made any income from the product. The law states that all warranty support is the duty of the original reseller, which in this case was an internet seller in a foreign country!
The hapless purchaser had no choice but to pay a local installer to sort the problem out therefore, negating any saving made on the original purchase of the product. Caveat Emptor indeed!
See you later this month