September is a great time for music on the move!

September Song

Welcome Driving Sounds Clubbers one and all! This month's not so hidden track is fairly obscure and quite quirky. Listening on laptop speakers, it is dark and simplistic however, take it to the car and you will find layers of luscious production and autumnal colour. You can listen here:
Some of you will have become new Driving Sounds Club members as a result of having registered a new car audio product for an extended warranty, but however you found us, we wish you a profound and warm welcome. So who are we? We are the team responsible for creating Driving Sounds Magazine, the UK's only specialist car audio magazine. You can buy a hard copy or a pdf download of the whole magazine or individual articles by visiting our website:
In this month's newsletter we look at passive crossovers vs Digital Signal Processors and a very tasty Audi TTS which will appear in the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine. You are most welcome to contact us to air your views by email:

September Secret

This month we have a look at a finished article, but only a small part of it. I had the pleasure of auditioning the above car belonging to Ricky Mills this month and desperately wanted to share a flavour of how it sounds with you. Find out here:


Top Five Driving Sounds

In this month's regular fave tunes on the move, we feature a new Top Five from Ricky Mills. This is his second to be published and some of you haven't contributed one yet! You may do so here:

Non-Believer – London Grammar
Money For Nothing – Dire Straits
Money – Pink Floyd
The Chain – Fleetwood Mac (Rumours remastered)
Find Me – Kings Of Leon

I listened to "Money" when auditioning his car and wow!

Just a Speck of Tech

Active Vs. Passive Crossovers

This month we have a little look at the differences between Passive and Active crossovers. Each has its fans and detractors and here we try to focus your mind on which one might be best for you.
Read all about it:


Audison Nove - Read all about it

The magnificent beast featured above is the brand new Audison bit Nove digital signal processor. When first introduced almost ten years ago, the Audison bit One took the world by storm and quickly became the benchmark for in car signal processing. In fact, no one else has come close to producing processors that work so well. However, this is never likely to slow the Audison development team down. Such is their commitment to making better products using the very latest technologies. "Nove" is Italian for nine and in this case refers to the number of output channels available. Each channel is equipped with a 10-pole parametric equaliser, time-alignment and a choice of crossover filters. Nove features two optical inputs each able to accept 24-bit, 196kHz hi res audio. A vast selection of other inputs is also available including both high and low-level analogue audio inputs. In order to get the very best sound in your car, you should definitely have your FOUR MASTER introduce you to this remarkable product and all that it can do to help squeeze the absolute maximum from your car audio system. You can find much more information in either the technical spec. sheet or user manual here:

Sound Supplementals

During our time at Chatsworth Country Fair earlier this month I had the pleasure of working with Christian Ellis of FOUR MASTER Source Sounds. He had some interesting views regarding crossovers vs DSP. He declared himself mad and went on to describe his preference for passive crossovers over active DSP's. He was not entirely sure why this may be. I have a theory which I will share with you now. If you read this month's blog on Active vs Passive crossovers, you will see that passive crossovers are less predictable in their response to different frequencies. This gives them an almost "organic" and non-linear response to music. The designer of the crossover will be looking at a number of spot frequencies and trying to ensure that they achieve a pleasing sound. However, there will be many frequencies where anomalies occur. I think that Christian, during his many years of installing and listening to systems in cars, has developed an unerring feel for these anomalies and that they stimulate his organ of Corti in a pleasing way. I am certain that there are many others who if pushed, would support Christian's view - Let us know if you are one of them!

While speaking of a pursuit for knowledge of all things sound, I can strongly recommend this two episode programme from the awesome BBC. Watch and learn brethren, watch and learn:
Until next month, do take care and fill your ears at every opportunity!