Musical merry go rounds are not as much fun as those you can steer to your own destination.

September Ends

We're not keen on September. Despite the recent warm spell, it marks a sense of the end, albeit temporary, of good times and the beginning of a long dark, damp, chilly journey to next spring (whenever that may happen!). However, we have our car audio systems and a burgeoning library of music to see us through. We also have you, our loyal following of car-owning music lovers to light up the dull days and give us an excuse to communicate things car audio.

This month, we are mainly celebrating the good fortune of those who we have seen at shows this year and especially the winners of our final three prize draws. We also have a banging Top five from the owner of one of the finest cars we have heard in many a year and a link to an article on amplifier selection which we hope may clear the murky waters regarding selection of this vital piece of equipment for your car. Read on.......

Driving Sounds Magazine

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Top Five Driving Sounds

This months top tunes recommendations were suggested by Rainbow Profi-equipped, BMW 5-series owning friend of Driving Sounds Magazine, Brian Parton. Brian recently complained that whilst claiming to be completely genre unbiassed, we consistently overlook the music he has been a huge fan of since he was a boy. We can't be having that! so hold tight for a noisy ride everyone!
Aint It Fun - Guns n Roses
Send The Pain Below - Chevelle
Retina Sees Rewind - Cave In
Thrive - Switchfoot
I Hate Everthing About You - 3 Days Grace

Well, not quite the devil incanting wall of Big Muff™ I was expecting. Brian must be mellowing :-)
Feel free to send in your own top five to:

Ample room for a car amplifier 

This month's not very techie piece takes a look at some amplifiers. Sitting at the heart of all decent car upgrades, this often hidden and anonymous slab of metal plays a vital role in providing good sound. Definitely not all about "Watts" and big numbers, amplifiers have become smaller with technological advances but there are still those purists amongst us who look to stone age technologies to rekindle nostalgic feelings of past music enjoyed. Have a read and make your own judgement - I have an original NAD 3020 in my listening room as I believe it still knocks the socks off many new pretenders! - Just saying.

Here we explore the multiple roles of an amplifier in a car audio system and how to make the best choice for your needs.



We have three outstanding prize draw winners for you. The following lucky winners were all successful applicants in our prize draw activity at our final three events of the year. They are:
Robert Perry - New Forest Show
Ben Stanhope - Chatsworth Country Fair
Simon Marter - Busfest

All three win an Audison Prima speaker upgrade including Skinz sound treatment to be fitted by their local FOUR MASTERS. We will attempt to bring you their comments in a future issue of this bulletin.

Huge thanks go to demon installers: Sextons Portsmouth, Source Sounds, Sheffield, Ultimate Audio, Bromsgrove for helping out with this. Congratulations to all of our 2016 winners!

Keep your eyes peeled for future prize draws.

Music For Music's Sake

I enjoy demonstrating car audio at shows. I especially like sitting in a car with a complete stranger and finding out whether my completely unfair snap genre judgements are correct or not. I am happy to say that I am generally quite wrong especially when it comes to the older generations! Each season we collate a selection of songs to demonstrate our cars.  I am pleased to report that folk who enjoy music, can generally see the point of everything we play even if it does not fit with their specific taste. 

The thing I like best is that absolutely anything goes and there is plenty of music out there to satisfy everyone. There was a time when people supported musical genres as passionately as football teams but thankfully, as I sit here, a 50- something listening to System 7, I feel serenely immune to criticism for so doing! Are we at last living in a free country?
Keep exploring!