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Hello Driving Sounds Club Members. Autumn well and truly here now and we know some of you are somewhat restricted in your movements as the nation continues to battle with Covid-19. However, for those unaffected road warriors, we seem to be enjoying a plethora of new music releases. We have been particularly pleased to welcome brand new offerings from Faithless and also This Is The Kit. Quite a difference but indicative of the different styles of music we listen to here at DS HQ. Talking of which.........

Our exclusive free of charge download for Driving Sounds Club members this month features a magnificent Audi A8 owned by Anthony Yeates. This feature surprises, not only due to Anthony's background but also, in the degree of complexity presented by his favourite musical Genre. I found the day out in Portsmouth both surprising and incredibly enjoyable not to mention educational!

You can download the article in full by following this link or hitting the download button: 
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Prima Power!

The Audison Prima APF 8.9bit Forza has been around for a while now. I think it is fair to say that since its launch in January 2019, it has almost become a "go to" product for those wanting Prima quality with more power! Certainly the one fitted to Anthony Yeates' A8 (see article above) benefits massively from the additional grunt. In his case of course, it is not "banging bass" that he was after but pure reproduction of one of the world's wildest and most dynamic acoustic instruments, the pipe organ.
You can find out about the development of the AP F8.9 bit Forza by hitting the button below which will land you on a FOUR MASTER blog prepared by Driving Sounds.
Forza Blog

This month's Top Five is a compilation of tunes that we have listened to in cars installed with Audison Prima amplifiers. Generally we listen to tunes streamed from Tidal or Qobuz at the highest resolution possible. Have a listen in your own car. If the detail and dynamics are lacking, it maybe time to visit your local installer?

Gaia - James Taylor
Bolero - Ravel (Andre Previn/London Symphony Orchestra)
Mar De Ma - moe.
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - David Byrne
Pretty (Ugly Before) - Elliott Smith

Want to share your current top five? Send a list - Track and Artist and let us know what you are listening through and you could see your name in lights!

My Top Five

So, hopefully you have read the FOUR MASTER blog and also helped yourself to the free of charge article featuring a car equipped with the very excellent AP F8.9 bit Forza, so all you need to do now is take a look at the technical specifications (via the button below) and head on down to your local specialist installer and have them fit one to your car. You will not be disappointed, trust us!

May The Forza Be With You
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