October - Nights draw in and witches ready their brooms!


Welcome Driving Sounds Club members. This month we are having a close-up squint at hi-res audio and the ground-breaking work of Audison in this emerging area. Even if you are not yet in the market for this technology, we think you will find it interesting. One thing is for sure, it isn't going away and suits the automotive market far better than a record deck! This month's not-so-hidden track (click image above or link below) is a bit of a departure for us as it is wholly electronic. Not that we are biased against such music but often, it is too easy to unpick than more analogue forms with their almost accidental harmonic richness. We liked this track simply because the sounds are very dynamic and great for demonstrating just how poor factory fitted car audio equipment is. We hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will point you toward areas in your own system that may require a bit of attention. 

Mobile Man Cave

Last week I had the immense pleasure to meet Chris Cave and to sit in his awesome car. With a fully digital signal chain from source to final output stage, this is as pure as audio gets. The install was not entirely pain free but thanks to Chris' patience, understanding and curiosity, he is now the proud owner of a formidable system installed but the always formidable FOUR MASTER Source Sounds - Click here for a potted report:  


Top Five Driving Sounds

Caveman Music

This month we feature a top five suggested by Chris Cave. I choose my words carefully as Chris was somewhat non-plussed that his huge and eclectic music collection could be boiled down to just five tracks. Of course, this is not the intention, we just like a list of five tracks currently being enjoyed in his car. Once explained, Chris quickly came up with this foot tapping selection!

Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
Amazing - Seal 
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac 
Road To Hell - Chris Rea
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

Why not submit a top five of your own. Add a commentary or brief explanation of why you have selected them for extra points! Send yours to: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk

Whatever Happened to Hi-Res Audio?

This month's "speck of tech" heralds our renewed enthusiasm for hi-res music. Audison once again, heads the rest of the field with solutions capable of providing source to amplifier digital hi-res signal chains capable of reproducing 24 bit word-length, 96 kHz audio for an almost out of body sonic experience! Visit this link to a full understanding:


Audison Hi-Res Demo

Audison has created a couple of A/V resources to further whet appetites about their approach to ultimate hi-res audio. You can view these here - Sonic demonstrations will require your computer or device to be attached to something worthy! 

Over the past four years, Audison has been quietly building an armoury of hi-res capable products and can now offer a totally digital signal chain from source to output. Head over to the FOUR CAR Audio website and check out the HD products available in the bit and Voce product lines. http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/

High Quality vs. High Cost

We have spent a lot of time talking about high-value car audio items in this newsletter. The products we talk about are the creme de la creme of car audio and as such, carry a price tag that could leave some a little breathless. However, we try to remain grounded and get just as excited about a car with a simple speaker upgrade or a classic component speaker and amplifier install. Any upgrade is better than the majority of factory fitted rubbish that is foist upon us by car manufacturers and any attempt to make your personal listening experience better deserves credit.

I recently visited a Hifi show in London. The show was created as an attempt to make a link between audio excellence and lifestyle. What it demonstrated is the alarming disparity between the ultra high-end hifi market and the man in the street. To me, much of the hifi industry aims way too high. I think there is a disconnect from where the mass market is and what manufacturer's want as a return for their efforts. Everyone I meet enjoys good quality sound but our references are all different. I feel that the hifi market has gone the way of the automotive industry. They focus all of their communications on the next great thing and leave those who simply want to enjoy a CD or some streamed music confused and worried. I am clearly not alone in this as demonstrated by this rant from someone within the industry itself as reported by Tech Radar: click here to read it - It is quite astonishing. 

Whether you have £500 or £50,000 to spend there are products that offer a great experience and will work reliably for a long time. It is easy to get sucked in to an endless cycle of upgrading and lose sight or rather the sound of the music itself.
Don't let this happen to you.
Until next month, listen hard and enjoy your tunes!