How's that Goose coming along?

November Tale

Welcome to the end of November everyone. This month's not so hidden track should sound great in a well set up car. This live track (click image above) is very well recorded and as well as excellent songwriting, offers a great snare drum sound and comfortable, deep bass guitar. If it is not doing it for you in your car, you may need to nip into your local FOUR MASTER and treat yourself to an early Christmas pressie? - More gift ideas, latest news and opinions and magazine highlights below. 

BMW M5 - A Grand Return

Back in August, we did a mainly speculative sneaky peek of the BMW M5 on the left in the image above. Having now had the immense pleasure to meet Justin Murray and his cars, I have a more accurate picture of this fab install. Find it here:


Top Five Tunes

Quad Erat Demonstrator
Next month, our sneaky peek will feature a BMW 1-series demonstrator that I am told sounds rather special. It is equipped with Audison bit Play HD and I am very excited. To whet your appetites, Brian Parton, founder of FOUR MASTERs has recommended these tracks:
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
Keith Don't Go - Nils Lofgren
Shape Of My Heart - Sting
Nightshift - The Commodores
Painted On Canvas - Gregory Porter

If you have a top five you would like to share, ping it over to us here at DS Central:

Car Signal Processing
AudioControl's Approach

As car manufacturers try to get increasingly "clever" in making their cheap and nasty squawkers sound even remotely acceptable, we are challenged to find better ways to undo their fiddling to enable us to develop a good stable sound stage and performance across the audio spectrum. Read about AudioControl's approach to this constant conundrum:


AudioControl - Process, Process, Process!

Just because you may not have heard us speak about AudioControl before, don't be fooled into thinking they are new to the market. They are currently in the middle of celebrating their 40th anniversary and have worked extensively in the world of sound shaping and amplification not only in the car but also in home audio and the very demanding professional audio market for all of this time. 
Not a huge corporation but a group of some of the hottest audio electronics experts in the world, they have often quietly plied their trade out of the limelight (in this country anyway). Our friends at FOUR list a whole host of products and have recently launched the following DSP-based products which we believe you should take a closer look at:
AudioControl D-4.800 - 4 Channel amp with DSP 
AudioControl DM-810 - 8 input 10 output DSP 
AudioControl DM-608 - 6 input, 8 output DSP

Get a Copy for Christmas

Driving Sounds Issue VII is still available in both paper form and as a PFD download. We believe it can be a life-changing read for those who have never been exposed to upgraded car audio. There are still many millions of people driving around with largely unlistenable audio in their cars. Many have spent a good deal of money with their car dealer in the mistaken belief that they are getting the best sound possible. At Driving Sounds we know this is largely untrue and that big brand names often proffered around are done so by means of a "business partnership" rather than offering a genuine upgrade to the bog standard tissue and plastic speakers fitted as standard. Stuck for a stocking filler this Christmas? You could do a lot worse than buy your car driving, music-loving friend or relative a copy. If nothing else, they can read it while the kids are watching a Christmas film on the big day! 

See you next month with our traditional festive top five of alternative Christmas tunes.

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