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Welcome car owning music lovers! This month we are mostly looking at BMW Mini upgrades. Why? Well, despite producing exciting and innovative cars, BMW is a manufacturer that needs some help in raising the performance of its on-board audio system. If you do not have a BMW, then don't worry, the principles employed by FOUR MASTERs to make a vast improvement are the same whatever the manufacturer. This month we feature as our month-related track a fine old tune by innovative folk rocker John Martyn. Innovative that is, back in the 70's however, his music remains extremely influential amongst young acoustic guitarists. Have a listen to this, his biggest "hit" played live on The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Mini Factory


On the 27th May, we were invited to go along to the BMW Mini factory in Cowley to an open day. We had a great day demonstrating audio to visitors. Most of these were Mini owners and it was not at all hard to convince them of the potential for great sound reproduction from these super compact, luxury cars. Read our report here:


Top Five Driving Sounds

These were the top five tunes demonstrated during our day at the BMW Mini Plant. Some of thee were chosen by visitors themselves and rendered as Apple lossless files via an iPhone.

Electrify - Fred V & Grafix (feat. Amy J Price)
Requested by a demonstratee

Push Me - Geno Lenardo (feat. Ash Costello)
A hard hitting fave of the demonstrator

Happiness Is Easy - Talk Talk (hi res)
A fave Hi Res track with great intro

Breakage - Stolen (feat. Lily McKenzie)
Another fave for demonstrating bass

Hey Laura - Gregory Porter
Staple It Together - Jack Johnson

OK, that's six. If you would like to submit a top five of your own, just email us at: my top five

How To Tame Your Sound


The BMW Mini has quickly established itself as one of the world's best selling compact executive car. With more on the UK roads, we find plenty of opportunities to help owners achieve a vastly improved sound to that delivered from the factory.
You can read about a plug and play option from Audison here:


Mini Plug And Play

Audison has led the way in providing installers with complete solutions for specific vehicles.
We have listened critically to Audison's Mini solutions and are completely blown away. The elegance of the installation and the uplift in sound over the standard BMW and BMW dealer upgrade offering has to be experienced to be believed.
Whatever Mini variant you have, FOUR MASTERs can provide a perfect solution for you.
Head over to the FOUR MASTER website to view an example system. You can contact FOUR MASTERS from there for a free no obligation system illustration customised to your needs and your car.


Music Can Help Heal The World

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