Love a bit of slide me!

Stormy May Day!


Welcome Driving Sounds Club Members. I hope you have all survived the GDPR Maelstrom and are now enjoying a completely different experience on web and email? No, me neither other than even more annoying pop-ups! This month we have been mainly out and about listening to cars for the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine, as well as having a nostalgic look back at past issues. We have mentioned several times the very special issue presented in trying to faithfully reproduce guitar-based rock music in a car. I would urge you all to find a decent rendering of this month's "hidden track", put it in your car and give it a good listen. Snare drum smacking you in the face? slide guitar raising hairs on the back of your neck? Brian "screamy" Johnson's tender voice showing another side to his talent's? - if not, it may be time to do something about it? Read on for another dose of car audio tomfoolery!
Hidden Track Right Here Shshshshhhh! :

Back TT Future


This month, we look forward to the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine by looking back to a feature we ran in issue III. This was the first article we created where we actually critiqued the system by looking in depth at the tracks we auditioned it with. We have no less than two Audi TT's in the soon-to-be-announced new issue but still enjoy reading this piece. We hope you do also. It is one of many free-to-download articles on our site - Help yourself!


Top Five Driving Sounds


One of my favourite "music curators" and best friends sent me this list. He has just had some Prima APK 165's installed in his daily driver and reckons they are unbeatable! Nothing else, just sound deadening and Prima's. Try playing these tracks in your car and see what happens. Oh my, Brian Auger!

Pharaohs - SBTRKT
Set The Tone - Paul White feat. Denai Moore
Ashes to Oceans - DJ Shadow
Mr Miller - Lars Danielsson
Freddie’s Flight - Brian Auger

Why not send us a list of your own. A brief description of what you are running in your car is always nice too!

Speaker Spec.

This month we conclude our navigation of a typical car speaker specification list by attempting to demystify Thiele/Small parameters.
This is not a deeply technical piece rather a speedy tour around this subgroup of highly important attributes of a loudspeaker:


A Win For Musical Bass


Way back in September last year, we brought you a snippet from an article we have prepared on the above Audi TT, owned by Ricky Mills.

The car sounded spectacular however, Ricky and I had a critical listen to the bass registers. We both felt that articulation could be better and that although there was plenty of sub bass "heat" that it perhaps lacked a little musicality. 

I was thrilled to receive an email from Ricky last week informing me that he had become the proud owner of an Audison Voce AV 10 in a compact sealed enclosure. Ricky tells me; "Still early days, but the Voce certainly sounds more controlled, integrated and subtle compared to the previous one. Less overwhelming."

We love this kind of feedback. Thanks Ricky! 

A New Car, A New Sound

I recently chopped in my old, wrecked Renault Scenic and have replaced it with a functional workhorse of Romanian origin. It is booked in for an install that will be up and running by the next email. The system we have in mind has been selected to fit in with our view that investing around 10% of a vehicle's value in an aftermarket audio upgrade, offers a 50% better driving experience. "Now, let's see if it's true", as the above teen rebel rocker once sang!
Until next time, do take care.