Summer is coming, the open road beckons, and you need some good sounds for the journey!

May We Remind You

On the verge of summers eve already and some of us still haven't upgraded our car audio system? To those who have, a very well done and we hope you will now join us in the good fight against in-car sonic mediocrity. This month we have some big news. We also have a cracking Top Five (don't forget, you can all submit one of these to share with other club members) and all the usual fact and opinion-based car audio related tomfoolery. Do listen to our May-themed track, which this month (click image above) was selected by a good friend and fellow music lover who I know would rather remain unnamed but his first rhymes with "Ike" and his second with "Tuart"! Read on McDuff as William Shakespeare never said!

Driving Sounds Magazine Issue VII

Well, looky here! A new issue of Driving Sounds Magazine has gone through design stage and is now off to the printer. We will let you know as soon as the ink is dry. In the meantime, have a peek at some "spreads" over here:


Top Tunes

This month's top five has been submitted by an acquaintance who recently had the standard water damaged Dynaudio speakers in his Volvo XC90 replaced by Audison Prima APK 165's. Of course he is delighted and wanted to share his joy through the medium of a top, Top Five, and what a cracker it is!

Sea of Tears - Goldie
24-25 - Kings of Convenience
Alberto Balsam - Aphex Twin
Sleep Dirt - Frank Zappa
Beirut - Ibrahim Maalouf
Why not share your own audio pleasure with the rest of our club members. You can choose to do this anonymously provided you give us some details of you system - Have a go but be warned, it is harder than you think!
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What Makes a Good Car Speaker?

This month we take a detailed look at some of the key attributes of Hertz Mille Pro Speakers. After all, a speaker is a speaker is a speaker isn't it? - It appears not!




There's a new kid in town! - UPGRADE s a range of vehicle specific drop in speakers for specific makes and model of cars. The German brand has been around since the late 80's and since that time has developed speakers that not only provide an upgrade for your car but will teleport your sound to a very different place. 

Developed and and built in Germany, these speakers are very special and have to be heard to be believed. The soggy, boring sound of the average BMW in particular, are transformed into a palace of listening pleasure by the addition of a set of UPGRADE replacement speakers and a suitable amplifier (I would recommend Audison Prima or even Voce, the speakers are that good!)

Read all about them over at the FOUR CAR AUDIO website or follow this link:

A Continuous Voyage of Discovery

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a house full of music and musicians. This has led to a far reaching musical journey that has taken me everywhere from classical to folk, to punk, to prog rock and many other places. At the moment I am rather enjoying exploration of genres that I would never have been inspired by in the past. The dude above is called Kamasi Washington and I happened upon this track while listening to 6 Music - Yes, I know, the radio! (BBC do it best in my opinion!) For all it's faults, radio is still a wonderful place for the discovery of new music. I have included a link to a track called "Truth" by said dude which sits firmly in the field of jazz. It has led me to explore the genre far more closely and I am currently overawed by the amount of really good music played by really good musicians that exists. It also sounds brilliant in my Rainbow/Audison equipped car. Well worth a listen! -

Until next month, keep your hands on the wheel, yes on the road  and your ears filled with great music.