Marching On!

The Ides of March

Welcome to the very end of March everyone! This month we have been spending longer than usual in our cars due to prevailing weather conditions but we don't mind at all! - Now I have completely forsaken mobile phone conversation on the move and removed hands free, I can focus on the road and my music!
This month's themed track is an explosive number from UK shampoo-sellers, Iron Maiden! If your car lacks mid bass, this track will show it up. If like me, you have your mid bass sorted you will be wanting to squeeze your foot down on the fast pedal! - Safely of course.

D-Class Power Ranger

Having already had a peek at Justin Murray's excellent BMW M5 last November, we give you a glimpse of his Ford Ranger and the system featured therein!
This incredibly able system features some salvaged Hertz products from a previous installation as well as a new H8 processor and some fresh Audison Prima speakers. Read all about it here:


Top Five Driving Sounds

I have been having so much fun listening this month I have decided to share my own top five with you. And here they are!

Lagan - Afro Celt Sound System
Baby I'm A Fool - Melody Gardot (Live in Europe)
Things I Used To Do  - Jimi Hendrix
Everybody's Coming To My House - David Byrne
Connected By Love - Jack White

Why not submit your own favourite five tracks for in car listening and let us know a bit about your system. Submit away, below:


Frequency Response

This month we continue to work our way down a typical speaker/amplifier spec. list. Our topic is Frequency Response. Is this such a mystery? - Could be more so than you think! - We investigate the limits of human hearing, muse on why reproducing frequencies outside of these may be beneficial and what you should or should not take from the spec. list of an amplifier or speakers in this regard.
Have a read of our layman's guide here:



Audison Prima Pack

Many have tried and most have failed when it comes to making a BMW or BMW Mini sound really good. The speaker positions are a disaster yet we have heard major success stories based around products from  Rainbow and UPGRADE by Eton. They are now joined by an excellent selection of high-performance plug and play replacement products from world-renowned car audio innovator Audison. Having had the briefest of listens, I am happy to report that they reflect all of the audio awesomeness I would expect from a proper car hifi company. You can view the range of products available here:

April Come She Will

Until that time, do take care!