Q: What do you call a drummer in a three-piece suit? 
A: "The Defendant"

Bye June

Hello music lovers on the move. As we wave goodbye to June (the month not the lady), we are already looking toward the end of our summer season. Don't worry, that is only from a planning perspective. We are still out there showing everyone what we do for a few months yet! Coming up, we are at the North West Hifi Show at the De Vere Cranage Estate, Cheshire. We are very much looking forward to it. You can find out more here:
Click the image above to hear this month's themed song. Difficult to reproduce in a car with a standard system but if you have upgraded, this should sound great!

Lohen Rocks MINI World


Independent MINI performance specialist, Lohen has selected FOUR CAR Audio as its audio upgrade partner. Famous throughout the MINI world for high quality work, Lohen takes MINI's to new levels of performance and quality. Find out what happened when we went to their workshop for a sniff around: 


Top Five Tunes

Sticking with Lohen, this month we feature Lohen's Head of Sales, Mark Readyhough's top five. He uses these tunes when listening to and setting up audio in the workshop. A great mix of stuff here that will all make the most of the Audison under seat woofers!

Groove Armada - Purple Haze
Prodigy - Diesel Power
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Give it away
Nas - Get Down
Faithless - Fatty Boo

If you would like to share tracks you are currently enjoying in your own car, email them here:

High Efficiency Car Audio

Keeping an eye on power consumption from a vehicle's systems has become a top priority for Audison. Here we look at how they are doing this and why. If you drive short journey's in a vehicle with automatic Stop/Start or have an electric vehicle (EV) this article is particularly pertinent:



Audison Prima AP 8.9bit Forza

This eight-channel, high power amplifier delivers 85 watts RMS per channel. An on board nine channel processor offers unbeatable functionality including 10-band parametric, time alignment and a plethora of filters to choose from.   
The compact case and high thermal efficiency enables it to be hidden out of site under a seat or behind a boot wall or other panel. Channels can be bridged and are happy running low impedance speakers.This makes it ideal for delivering big sound from modest power.


Bon Appetit


Travelling to events around the country, we are impressed at the importance people put on the quality of their music listening. I must admit that in the dark days of MP3 players and iPod docking stations, I despaired that people were accepting a considerable downgrade in audio quality, even if it was just for casual kitchen listening. This was undoubtedly affecting poeple's music choices.

These days people seem to have a real appetite for good music reproduction. iPod docks have been replaced with streaming devices such as those from Sonus, Logitech, B&W etc. Streaming services have upped their games too and some 320kbps MP3 renderings are sounding much better than the rubbish that was previously being foist upon us by non-music appreciating computer programmers, in a bid to have us all carry around 1500 albums rather than 50 really good ones!

Appetite for "music as food" has increased. It is these days, very rare when asking music lover's what they like to receive an answer other than "everything" - This is a very good thing as there is such a variety of very high quality music around.

Streaming is very significant in this broadening in taste and as connectivity improves, this is becoming the norm. Look out for a deeper examination of this in next month's newsletter. 

I hid a link to a band I recently went to see in last month's broadcast. Alas, I hid it so well, that only one person found it (great work CB!) - here it is again for everyone else!

Take Care!