There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter - Billy Connolly

Flaming June


Welcome to more or less, the summer music lovers! We are ramping up our attendance at outdoor events and especially looking forward to Goodwood Festival of Speed. You can read more about that below!
This month's topical track is available by clicking on the image above. Unfortunately, I could only find a slightly distorted rendition but trust you will all find a hi-res version to listen to in your own cars. Great voice and a well recorded guitar should really move you, or spur you on toward your local FOUR MASTER for some remedial love!
Lots of other things for you to read about and we hope you enjoy. 

Dacia With Clogs On?

This month we offer a first look at an install on my own Dacia Duster. Before we go any further we wish to state that the title of this item is in no way a racial reference to Dutch people, but rather the family favourite: Windmill In Old Amsterdam by Ronnie Hilton! 


Top Five Driving Sounds


I recently had an email interchange with Ricky Mills, whose Audi TT will be in the forthcoming issue. We were speaking about people's reluctance to be drawn on a Top Five Driving Tunes for this monthly newsletter. We have already shared one from Ricky, so, here is one from his brother Justin who tends to spend an awful lot of effort in making his car sound good - hats off Justin - Keep up the good work!
Are You With Me - Lost Frequencies
Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
Don’t Act Like You Know Me – Finn Pearce
Oh Woman Oh Man – London Grammar
Rennen (Jim Eno Sessions) – Sohn
Send your own suggestions over to:

Like A Low Voice On A Wave Of Phase

Unlike the particularly pleasing David Bowie hit from which I have lifted the title of this item, phase is always a tricky thing to deal with in a car audio context. Here we have a look at what it is, why it's important and how a good installer can take control of it!
Head on over to this non-technical explanation here:


Audison PRIMA

The more cars we hear featuring Audison's ultimate OEM integration range, Prima, the more we like it. Prima is suitable for all genres and packed with clever technology that helps ensure a solid sound stage, great dynamics and fantastic clarity even at low levels. If you are looking to install a complete package to revolutionise the sound in your car you could do a lot worse. Even if you want to build in stages, Prima will blend with existing standard components in your car and every item added will drastically change system performance.

Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Goodwood Festival Of Speed is one one our favourite annual outings. it is a massive celebration of all things automotive and attracts motorsport fans and those who simply revel in the freedom of handling their own destiny whilst travelling. Among the hundreds of thousands of revellers we find a huge number of music lovers and it is easy to get them into a demo car and give them an audio experience that hopefully they will never forget. In conjunction with FOUR MASTERS, this year's event promises to bring even better cars to an always impressed public. Our hope is that we can prevent them from making a huge mistake when ordering their new cars by ticking the box for upgraded audio. If you have been with us for a while, you will know what this is a euphemism for (passing over loads of hard-earned cash for something barely better than the rubbish fitted as standard!)
If you are heading that way this year, it would be a pleasure to see you and answer any queries you may have on audio related topics. It is an exhausting time for us but always special!

Until next month, do take care!