There she goes.

Driving Sounds Issue VI

Welcome Driving Sounds Club members one and all. It is with great pleasure that I can reliably inform you that we will be shipping the latest issue of Driving Sounds magazine from next Thursday, 23rd June. This is timed to coincide with our physical launch of the magazine at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed - Do come and see us if your there! The new content will also be available for the general public to download either as a whole or on an article by article basis. We believe that the best way to consume Driving Sounds content is by reading a physical printed copy however, we have an exclusive club member's offer below. Read on for the usual monthly lunacy from Driving Sounds.

To celebrate the launch of Issue VI, we are offering all club members the opportunity to beat the rush and secure an electronic copy delivered directly to a mobile device absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is follow the link below:
Please note this is a limited offer for those signed up to the club area on our website - You are already members but we will need you to enter your email address, name and assign a password. This will give you access to past broadcasts, articles in embryonic form as well as video and other exclusive content including a review of a BMW M1 belonging to Bruce Gowans entitled Belting Beemer, which is well worth a read. 


Your Car
So, we do our utmost to convince you to upgrade the audio in your car, what's the next step? Well, you visit the FOUR MASTER website and read this informative blog on how to select the right system for your needs.

Follow this shortcut to learn more:



....and it begins again!

A plea for help

Issue VI is now at the printers, there is nothing more we can do except be proud of all the car owners, FOUR MASTERS and our own production team for putting together another fabulous read. We got off fairly lightly this year and only had to work until 3:00 a.m. to get the finishing touches done before print deadline. Why did we leave it so late we hear you ask? Well, I think it is because we are human and as well as all our positive human traits, as a race we tend to work right up to a deadline. I don't know many builders who finish ahead of schedule. The same can be said for accountants, artists, musicians and even Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout used to turn up right at the end! 

Well, the next issue is going to be different. We are determined to get started right away with a view to having all the content ready to send to the printer by the end of March 2017 and you can all help! (We will make sure we have plenty of coffee in just in case). We need feedback. Tell us what you think of our magazine and feel free to offer suggestions of what we could do better. Please bear in mind that the majority of our readers will be reading about car audio for the very first time and so content has to be relevant to a first car audio upgrade and not too technical.

If you have a car that sounds good and would like to help others to select a system that will enhance their driving experience, contact me by email:

In the meantime, stay safe and do listen at reasonable levels.

Best wishes,