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Welcome To The July Driving Sounds Club Newsletter

A special warm welcome to new members who have joined us due to your entry on the Four Car Audio extended warranty database.

We are featuring bass this month - This is an area of car audio that has been totally revolutionised with the introduction of new technology.

Some of you may remember seeing "Hot Hatches" stuffed full of subwoofers in the 80's and 90's. There are many reasons why you don't see this anymore but the overriding reason is that you just do not need them under normal circumstances. (The car pictured above is an exception, as it was built to project audio to the outside - like a PA system. Click the button below to download a free article about it!)

Does My Bottom End Look Big In This?
Subwoofers are a very specific sort of speaker. They are built to be rugged. Bass frequencies require more power and more power means more current which means a more heavy duty approach. In the past, it was enough that low frequencies were over exaggerated. With time and an uplift in quality demands, other elements have become important. Musical bass is now a thing and subwoofers have had to become more sophisticated to cope.
Click the button below to download a free article on the importance of bass in music.
Bass Meant
Bass Restoration is not new and neither is it easy to do. However, as car manufacturers seem bent on using cheap and nasty speakers, then using electronic trickery to stop them from disintegrating in use, Bass restoration has become a very necessary thing for those who wish to upgrade to proper audio in their vehicle. The product featured above features a patented bass restoration system from AudioControl known as AccuBASS (See FOUR MASTERS blog: In this brand new article, we look at a mono block amplifier with built-in AccuBASS. This is a paid for article however, we are including a special link which will enable Driving Sounds Club members to download it for free!
Building From The Bass Up!

Issue IX of Driving Sounds Magazine has been massively delayed by Covid-19. We have therefore, taken the decision to make content that was already prepared available for paid download. You can find all the completed material at the Driving Sounds Magazine Website. Button below will take you there!
Issue IX - Brand New Content
Back in the olden days, the UK used to have at least two consumer magazines dedicated to car audio and electronics. When I first joined the industry in 1989, the editor of one of these, imaginatively called, Car Hifi Magazine, was a very affable chap called Martyn Williams. We became firm friends over the years and across many show car projects. Here is a Top Five from him:

Drums Of Death - True (Ft. Yasmin)
A song I listen to a lot and really enjoy

Don't Cry, It's Only The Rhythm - Grace Jones
Does stereo like no other. A good system reveals a flattish rubbery texture to the bass sound

Killing Me Softly - (The Fugees)
Well rounded bass notes with a definite hard edge which I liken to a ten pin ball hitting the deck

Planet Dada - Yello (Flamboyant Mix)
In your face stereo stage - popping, banging and tinkling coming out of the air

No Coke - Dr Alban (Redux Mix)
Hohner bass guitar with electronic reworking - foot tapping stuff

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My Top Five Driving Sounds
Until next time, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable time.

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