Convincing car audio demonstrations is what we live for!

Flaming July

Welcome Driving Sounds Clubbers new and old! I am certain the image above is familiar to many of you although, this year has already been quite different. We have already enjoyed great weather at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Kent County Show and Vanity BMW in Beaulieu. Many of you have enjoyed hearing great car audio and decided to join our swelling ranks! We love launching a new issue of the magazine as it revitalises our already uncontrollable enthusiasm for music in the car. It is, especially good when it brings us closer to people out there who have no idea just how good a car can sound.
This month's not so hidden track (click on the image above) is from an artist I had heard about but not heard before and I must say, I am enjoying the vibe. Would be interesting to hear it in the car and see if it sounds the same as on my high quality headphones. Anyway, read on for our usual monthly musings and a not to be missed special offer provided by FOUR MASTERS:

BMW Audio Upgrades

People often ask us why we demonstrate BMW's so often. To be  perfectly honest with you, we like the cars but also, we meet many BMW owners who are very dissatisfied with the audio (even some of the dealer upgrades) and they are obviously easy to impress with a demonstration. 

We have recently come across a new challenger in the shape of UPGRADE by Eton. This German manufacturer seems to have nailed the challenge of producing plug-and-play replacement speakers that transform BMW sound from, let's be kind, mediocre, to exceptional.
You can read all about them in an article that appears in the latest issue of Driving Sounds magazine. You can buy the whole mag or the single article right here:



Top Tunes For Demonstrating Audio Upgrades

The following tunes are ones we have enjoyed using to demonstrate some great audio upgrades at shows we have been attending this summer. Try them in your car and see if they excite and engage you. If they don't then maybe a little remedial work is required on your vehicle?:

Little Things - India Arie
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
Stolen - Breakage 
Feel It (In The Air Tonight) - Naturally 7
Sorry - Justin Beiber  
No Love Dying - Gregory Porter 
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Paul Simon  

OK, we broke the rules this month but we will resume with the top five next month. If you would like to submit your own, email: 

Wide Open Spaces - What Makes a Good Demo Tune


We're all about listening this month so why not head over to the FOUR MASTERS website and find out more about how we judge good car audio upgrades. There are a couple of examples in there along with general genre advice, which will help you to make a decision you will be happy to stick with.


Driving Sounds Club Exclusive Offer 

Audison Prima APBX 8 DS

£199 - Save £80.00!

Our lovely friends, FOUR MASTERS, have generously put up 10 of these exceptional subwoofers for an amazing Driving Sounds Club exclusive member offer.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Follow this link: 
2. Scroll down and add quantity 1 in the "Click and Collect" panel
3. Click "Buy Online". You will then be transported magically to the FOUR MASTERS Car Audio website 
4. Add the code 'DSVII' to the discount code box and you will receive an £80.00 discount on the purchase price. (If the discount is not automatically applied to the total then you were sadly too late!)
5. Select your local FOUR MASTER
6. Visit them and collect the product (please allow 1 working day for delivery) - Even better, have them install it for you!

You can read all about our first encounter with this superb product in an article from the latest issue of the magazine, which can be purchased for just 79 pence:

Post Purchase Justification

I love just about every part of my job. I particularly enjoy meeting people with no concept of how good a car can sound and demonstrating to them. This year we have noticed a huge uplift in interest for car audio upgrades however, the majority of people we meet still have no idea. Amongst these are many who have ticked the audio upgrade box and parted with considerable sums. A few of these are filled with a marketing phenomenon known as Post Purchase Justification. In fact we all experience this at some point following a major purchase. It is the feeling that a product or experience must be good as it cost a lot of money. During this phase of the purchase process, there is not much that can be done to convince sufferers that they may have found a much better and more cost-effective solution to their audio woes had they looked to a specialist. Typically we hear such gems as; "Well, mine's got 17 speakers, you can't get better than that", "Mine's made by Wang and Blofeldtson so it is the best" and, "I have always bought (add brand name that rhymes with "nose"), my home system cost me £20,000". Some chronic sufferers will continue with such arguments even after a demonstration and will continue to do so until they get home and have the time and privacy to quietly cry into their glass of Pinot (Post Purchase Dissonance). There is no shame in making a purchase error and we take no satisfaction from making people regret their unwise purchases, we just want to expose those who are on the cusp of making what may be a costly mistake, to an alternative to the expensive mediocrity offered up by unscrupulous manufacturers. If you have fallen for such guile, don't worry, we will be here the next time you need us and will do everything in our power to give you a positive, happy experience.

Do take care, see you next month.