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Hotter Than July

Hello loyal Driving Sounds Club members and a huge hello to new members, many of whom signed up following a demonstration of one of the superb HD music cars we featured on our stand at Goodwood Festival of speed at the end of June. We also have new members courtesy of product warranty registrations from our good friends FOUR and the FOUR MASTERS network! We do hope you stick with us and allow us to inspire you to embrace good quality music in your cars. Speaking of which, we received an inordinate amount of comments from visitors to Goodwood regarding the amount of speakers that they have in their cars. These are not great sounding aftermarket systems but the latest wallet emptying strategy of some major car manufacturers. We have a  little "vent" about this in this month's Techie Bit - which isn't all that techie at all! Read on to find out what else has been on our minds and, oh yes, if you purchase a print copy of the fabulous latest issue of Driving Sounds Magazine (£5:00 inc p&p - UK only) you will receive a free Driving Sounds Key Loop so you can proudly display our colours!


Mat Hellard began an audio upgrade path some time ago, in which he followed a route that many have taken before him. What is different about Mat, is that he has found the path of car audio righteousness early on in his journey. As a result he has adopted a quality over quantity principle that has led him to a great sounding install in his car long before disillusionment set in! Read all about it here.


Top Five Driving Sounds

Regular readers of this bulletin will know that here is where we publish Top fives sent into us by club members, installers, friends, relations and just about anyone brave enough to tell us what they are listening to in their car at the moment. This month, I thought I would share with you my top five HD tunes as demonstrated at Goodwood Festival of speed a few weeks ago. These tracks were all played from 24bit 96KHz Flac files via an audison bit Play HD. The quality is stunning making these events a pleasure rather than the chore that can be a car show! here we go:

Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed
Hotel California - Eagles
Lime House Blues - Jazz At The Pawn Shop
Snow Time - James Taylor
Brick House - Sarah K

If you would like to share your top five with us all, simply email:

My Cars Got 17 Speakers!

There is a scene from the first Spinal Tap movie that has always made me laugh a lot (click the title to this piece). The premise is that the arrival of a higher number than expected on a product, means that the product is better. A new attempt to persuade car buyers to pay through the nose for audio upgrades based on the number of speakers put in a car has very worrying consequences and is borne from no more fact than that same clip. Please follow the link to read why this is yet another ridiculous claim with which car manufacturers are desperately trying to increase the profitability of their products. Read all about it here:


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Last month we asked for volunteers to provide us with details of their cars with a view to being featured in the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine (due out next spring). Thank you to everyone who responded, we have a few for consideration. We would love to feature you all but time, cost and space doesn't allow but we will try and get to as many of you as possible.

For those members who are new to us or didn't realise, we publish a magazine every year. It contains lots of information on music, the science of sound, the nation's finest installers and some cracking cars. If you would like a copy to read, you can buy one from our Driving Sounds Magazine website: for just £5:00 including P&P (UK only I'm afraid). For the next month we will include a free Driving Sounds Club key loop - Woohoo!

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Driving Sounds Supports Children in Need

It almost seems embarrassingly trivial to speak of demonstrating car audio in the context of supporting less fortunate children, but we are supporting CarFest North again this year. Yes, it gives us an opportunity to talk to music lovers about our magazine but just as importantly, it gives us the opportunity to help this magnificent cause, as all proceeds from this weekend's festival go to the Children in Need charity. 
If you are already planning to be at the event, it would be fantastic if you could find the time to drop by the Driving Sounds Magazine stand and say hello and listen to one of the three stunning demonstration cars we will have on show.
Signing off now as I need to pack my tent ready for the weekend!

Speak again next month.