Sun, fun and festivals!

Preparing for Summer Jaunts

Hello fellow Driving Sounds Club members! - We are all preparing to chase the sun to the far reaches of the planet for the summer hols. Personally, I am taking a road trip with my family. We are very lucky to have a car equipped with an upgraded audio system which sounds gorgeous. I couldn't bear such a trip without it to be honest and you don't have to either. Many of you are members because you have already upgraded the sound in your cars - Hats off to all of you and may your journeys be filled with great tunes. For those yet to make that step, we have a very interesting article hosted on the FOUR MASTERs website which will tell you how to give your in car sounds an enormous lift without breaking the bank. Look at "Techie Bit" below to find it. Hidden track? Hell yes, and it is summer themed too! The picture of the Charabanc above offers a big clue as to where the hidden link is and what it actually is. Read on for further car audio related information.

Embryonic Content

Previously known by a different name, this area is for early reports on content that will appear in the next issue of Driving Sounds Magazine. It is early days for this just yet as we haven't even had our first flat plan meeting. So, instead, we wanted to ask you if you have a car that we could feature? We would need access to your car for about three hours and access to you for at least 30 minutes in order to get enough information for an article. We are quite happy to travel to your home or place of work.
If you are interested, send us a picture or two and brief description of your system.


Top Five Driving Sounds

This feature is for members to list their top five driving sounds in. Anyone can submit a top five and it is only a snapshot of what you are listening to today - we will not have this list tattooed about your person, we just want to share what it is that is making people happy in their car. I am kicking this one off with some I have been enjoying.

Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah!) - White Denim
My Patch - Jim Noir
Planet Sizes - Steve Mason
I Wanna Go To Marz - John Grant
This Charming Man - The Smiths

Why not send us yours?
Techie Bit
Car speakers can change your driving experience
If you drive with the standard audio system in your car then you will not be getting anything like the fun-filled experience that many others do. Read about how you can increase your music listening pleasure by approximately 500% for a modest amount of money!


Vanity BMW

On Sunday 17th June, we laid out our magnificent car audio demonstration feature at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. We had a fabulous day and gave many demonstrations to an awestruck audience. Most had a very old fashioned idea of what car audio is about and were surprised to find that our cars were not brimmed with gear especially large subwoofers on show. In order to attract some new members, we offered a pair of BMW upgrade speakers installed as a prize. Unfortunately our winner has not yet confirmed or claimed their prize and so there will be a slight delay in announcing who it is - Please check your spam boxes for an email from telling you that you are a winner!

Music on the move

An increasingly crazy world with an unpredictable future is not the best base on which to lay foundations for a better life. We all like a bit of stability but bombarded with negative media as we are, it can be all too easy for us to sit tight with what we have rather than investing in that one thing that might make us a lot happier and immune to the ills of the world. For me, a lifelong music lover, the ability to sit at the wheel of my car and just listen is one of the most liberating experiences in my life. A little selfish maybe but at the same time, most fulfilling. I have tried the alternative - Listening to misery on the radio and that just winds me up particularly if I am in a hurry and a long way from home. When I listen to music however, I focus less on the time and more on the enjoyment of driving in my little music capsule. I often wonder how many others get the same sort of pleasure from listening to upgraded car audio as I do? If so, you can always let us know:
If you are able to make it to the New Forest Show 26th ,27th or 28th of July, do seek us out and come and say hello. Otherwise you can check out the rest of our show schedule at or email us. We are a friendly bunch. 
Bye for now, enjoy your hols if you can.