Worst Christmas present ever: a Bonnie Tyler sat nav. Keeps telling me to turn around, and every now and then it falls apart.


Welcome to 2020 music lovers on the move! In our first newsletter of the year, we muse over the longevity of the CD market. Everyone is streaming it seems. Some opinion on this at the bottom of the page.
Elsewhere, we report on things we have been looking at over the Christmas break including the dark science of bass restoration.  
This month's "feature track" is by Loyle Carner. I think he has added a great deal to the genre in general not least, by using real musicians rather than stealing samples of other people's work and smashing them together then calling them new - I feel rap and hip hop is rapidly eating itself through such practice, but feel free to challenge me on this (I Don't Agree With You): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H39Q02EkNNA

Building From Bass Up!

This month's magazine preview is a piece we have prepared on the very excellent and extremely compact monoblock amplifier from AudioControl. Unusual, as it contains AudioControl's patented AccuBASS bass restoration system.
Read the article here:


Top Five Driving Sounds

We selected these tracks to test the bass in cars with standard audio. Most revealing. In some cases, you can hear absolutely no bass at a all. Try them in your car to see if you need a little bass restorative!

The Wheel – Sohn
Bad Guy – Billie Eilish
The Darkies – Seed ensemble
Maestoso-Allegro – Saint Saens 3rd Symphony
Solid Air – John Martyn

Why not tell us what you are listening to in your car so we can share it with other Driving Sounds Club members? Just email title and artist of your current top five and let us know a bit about yourselves and the reasons for your choices!

My Top Five

Bass Restoration

Bass restoration systems are not restricted to the world of car audio. They are used heavily in the recording industry to enhance the bass content in old recordings, especially those that have been digitally remastered.

In our world, its use can help to overcome one of the most troublesome issues with standard car audio - Low bass when driving at speed. Have a look at our blog exploring what bass restoration is and how it works:



Masters of Bass

We have spoken before about the depth and breadth of the products available from AudioControl. As well as a vast range of car amplifiers and processors, they have long been involved in home hi-fi and professional audio.

AudioControl's range of car audio products includes many trade marked technologies that have been developed across its knowledge of all audio fields making them one of the most respected technological innovators in the car audio industry.

View the full range here:

No Cd?

I read recently that the sales of vinyl records were growing three times faster than sales of CD's are declining! As music formats go, CD has had a reasonably good innings for the times. However, vinyl pressing is a very complex process requiring large machines, many of which were decommissioned in the 80's!  This has led to a world shortage of capacity and so vinyl versions of new albums can be slow in coming. Enterprising companies are searching barns and out buildings looking for abandoned cutting lathes and lovingly refurbishing them. This level of commitment is laudable. I have also read many things about vinyl sales, suggesting that many of them never get removed from there jackets let alone being put on a turntable - This may just be the usual vitriol from those who don't make any money out of them!
In our world of course, vinyl sales are irrelevant in terms of offering a physical medium for the car but, are interesting in terms of offering further insight into the growth of quality listening. It also further polarises the argument between owning hard media and never actually seeing any hard evidence of the purchase of music you have just made!
You will be hard pressed in these enlightened times, to find a new car that actually has a CD slot. Streaming or radio listening is the only way to go. This is all good provided that folk continue to stream in high quality - Use the USB connection and not bluetooth where possible and a streaming service who's priority is quality rather than quantity! - Failure to do this could seriously affect the current craving for better quality and return us to the black days of MP3 docking stations - Perish the thought!

Until next month, do take care.