What's the difference between a musician and a large pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.

Imperial March

Howdy music lovers and Welcome to our March issue of Driving Sounds Club news. Those familiar with this monthly bulletin will know its intention is to stimulate interest in both car audio and music. We touch on the slightly technical and also give brief glimpses of articles that will be worked up to appear in the next issue of the magazine. If you have not yet secured a copy of the latest issue, it is available right here: https://www.drivingsounds.co.uk/current-issue/
This month I will be unashamedly talking about my secret passion for classical, or more correctly, orchestral music. A short taster can be enjoyed by hitting the link below, or on the image above. Hope you enjoy it. Sounds great in my car!

5-Series Facelift

All change in our demo fleet! Our spectacular BMW 5-series has been demonstrating Rainbow Profi speakers and Germanium amps for some years now. If you have had a demonstration of it with those products installed, you will know how impressive it sounded. However, we felt the need to go Hertz Mille Legend instead. Click the link below to find out what that has done to the sound.



Top Five Driving Sounds

This month's Top Five comes from Lee from the item above! Lee is an open water swimmer from Staffordshire and admits to having no shame when it comes to music listening taste - Good man Lee!  Absolutely no shame required with this selection.

Cut a Long Story Short – Spandau Ballet (Once More)
Save Me – Aimee Mann (Music from the Motion Picture)
Girls Like You – Maroon 5 (featuring Cardi B)
Ride Across the River (Remastered) – Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms)
Avalon – Roxy Music (Avalon)
Bonus... The Unforgiven III – Metallica (Death Magnetic)

Why not submit your own for us all to share: My Top Five

Classical Gas

Despite having been classically trained in my early years, I have always been a little picky about classical music as a genre. My experience of music teaching within a school environment some 40 years ago was not always great and left me with a bit of an anti feeling about the entire genre. I am over it now and am increasingly listening to orchestral music in the car. In this blog, I try to explain what it is I like about this often misunderstood and overlooked genre. I also explore the important attributes of a system for orchestral listening.


Hertz Mille Power

In the early days of Class D amplification, there were rumours that although great for bass, class D just couldn't cut it in the middle and high registers. Needless to say, most of these rumours were started by those traditionalists who avoid change and who still think the snaps, crackles and pops on vinyl renderings are the best thing since music was invented.

Needless to say, science won out in the end and now Class D's power efficiency and speed are revolutionising the car amplifier market. Hertz Mille Power probably sit at the top of the art of this type of amplifier and we defy you to find anything cleaner at the price and size. You can find out more here: