Q: What's the difference between a saxophone and a chainsaw?
A: You can tune a chainsaw. (Sorry Snake!)

Harvest Moon

Welcome music lovers on the move! - We have been really busy recently ramping up activity to create another great issue of Driving Sounds Magazine for you all.
As part of this, we have been reflecting on our time in car audio and what we have learnt along the way. The changing attitude to music amongst car owners is a fantastic thing and there is a growing acceptance that in order to enjoy our favourite tunes on the road, some kind of an upgrade is essential.

Live acoustic music offers challenges even to upgraded cars. To OEM standard audio, this is especially so. Have a listen to this month's not so hidden track in your car and imagine what it needs to make it sound better!

Lots to get through this month and we sincerely hope you check it all out and maybe even give us your opinions. Email these to: Driving Sounds Club and we will endeavour to reply to you.

Mustang '66


It is not every day I get to sit in a classic car. When FOUR MASTER Source Sounds, Sheffield told us of the installation into the car pictured, we were very excited to find out more and so we headed to Scarborough on a dull and misty day, to meet owner Bill Mathieson and this fantastic specimen! Find out what happened by clicking the link below:


Top Five Driving Sounds



Bill Mathieson has driven quite happily, listening to Spotify since his Audison/Hertz system was installed. However, we were able to demonstrate a dramatic uplift in listening pleasure by using Qobuz and Tidal. As a result, Bill has adopted Tidal as his streaming service of choice. Below are the first five tunes he downloaded:

Back in Black - AC/DC
My Mustang Ford - Chuck Berry
September Fields - Frazey Ford
Tweeter and the Monkey Man - The Travelling Wilburys 
Mr E's Beautiful Blues - Eels 

Why not share your own Top Five with us? Artist and title is all we need, although a brief description of your car audio upgrade always goes down well and helps to offer context to your list. Email us by clicking the link below:

Music Streaming In The Car

The music streaming revolution continues to gather pace. The mainstream market is dominated by services from Spotify, Apple and Amazon. Even premium services from these suppliers tend to use a quantity over quality approach to gathering new customers.
If you are looking for quality of reproduction while enjoying a wide range of titles, then it may be time to look elsewhere. We have tried two services in particular that provide fantastic quality. Follow the link below to read our findings:


Mille Pro Subwoofers

If you are looking for excitement and drama in the lower registers, look no further than Mille Pro subs. Available in 10" and 12" at 2 or 4ohms, these dual voice coil subs offer installers great flexibility when allocating channels.

A mineral powder treated, pressed paper cone maintains its physical shape even at high excursion thanks to trade marked V-cone technology while under-spider venting ensures consistent performance even at very high levels. 

Designed and optimised for perfect transparent sub bass when mounted in a sealed enclosure, these subs will bring out the best from any genre of music.

For further details, follow the link below:

Classic Cars, Class Audio 


There is no doubt that as modern cars become more like each other, there is a burgeoning interest in looking at and driving something different. Classic car shows are popping up everywhere with a passionate and knowledgeable core of enthusiasts wanting to show theirs and look at others!

Car audio and classic cars have traditionally gone together like liver and ice cream, but we have recently seen examples of an interesting marriage of the two worlds. One reason for this could be that as new cars become less modifiable (without the aid of  a computer, a programming degree and a whole workshop full of specialist model-specific tools), motoring fans have looked back in time to the days when taking the cylinder head off a Ford Cortina and grinding and reseating the valves then adding oversized piston rings was an easily achievable morning's work!

I suspect that a younger and less "gentry'd" enthusiast is boosting the numbers attending such events. After all, a classic car is defined as one manufactured 40 years ago. 40 years ago, cars were being churned out at an incredible rate compared to the 1930's.  Entry to the "classic car club" therefore, has become more affordable. As a consequence, this younger entrant is more likely to be interested in at least upgrading the standard speakers for some without corroded speaker terminals. They may also be interested in having the internals of a head unit updated so they can stream from a mobile phone etc. So why not add a discrete install including an amplifier and subwoofer. Hidden away or added as a tasteful enhancement?

We are off to a local Classic Car scramble along with 6000 others this weekend and will report our findings next month. 
In the meantime, drive carefully, stream pre made playlists only and listen hard!