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November Spawned a Monster!

Welcome one and all to our penultimate news bulletin of a busy and hugely successful year. Just one more issue to go before we get a well earned break but our focus is still on bringing a full-on car audio climax to the year. Read on to find out how our grand summer prize draw winner is getting on with her system and also find out how you can get a pair of fantastic Audison Prima speakers installed into your car for very little! - Found our not very hidden link to a popular tune containing the word November yet? - I wonder what it is!


Grand prize draw winner ecstatic
In August this year, Sue and husband Alan took a trip to Oulton Park to see what happens at CarFest. Both music lovers, they happened across the Driving Sounds Magazine stand where thry enjoyed a demosntration of car audio the way it shoudl sound! Absolutely struck by the clarity of our cars, they did not hesitate to enter our competition to win a system. And guess what? - Read what happened next right here (link)


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month, we feature a top five as selected by our summer grand prize winner Sue Johnson. Check these bangers out! (as the young folk may once have said)

Another one bites the dust  - Queen
Money for nothing  - Dire Straits
Running in the family  - Level 42
Innocent man  - Billy Joel
Living on  a prayer  - Bon Jovi
Why not send ur your current top five fave tracks for driving too?

Making the MOST of your car
Media Oriented Systems Transport
This month's technical vignette explores the way that car manufacturers pass signals around their vehicles. Why it is done this way, and how your audio installer can make the most of the technology to deliver music via a totally digital signal chain. Sorry, did I just slip into my native tongue? Follow this link for an easy to understand explanation in English!: (link)


Win, win, win!

As many of you will know, we maintain a healthy friendship with high-end car audio distributor FOUR whose national network of FOUR MASTERs have been very generous in not only giving up time, but also knowledge that we turn into rapier sharp editorial which forms the basis of our magazine. Thanks to my constant pestering, FOUR is once again offering some great prizes for us to reward your loyalty with! We have been pledged five pairs of very excellent Audison Prima speakers (whichever ones fit your car - installed with Skinz sound deadening by your local FOUR MASTER for just £50.00 (this covers; appropriate mounting rings, cable, accessories and installation time).
Simply email: and let us know your car make, model and year, your contact details and the name of your local FOUR MASTER. Five lucky entrants will be drawn and announced in the December issue of the Club news bulletin.

We love to hear your feedback so please feel free to email any comments or ideas you have to the email address above

Nothing Like the Sound of Music

Discovering HD Music and learning how to listen to it in many different environments has done nothing but intensify my love for the art of music making and listening. For many years I realise that I have existed in a musical twilight zone. Although music is all around, a lot of it doesn't get my attention simply due to what it is played through. The best news is that with just a modest investment (£250 for a pair of speakers installed) a huge improvement can be realised. I am so pleased to be able to help some of you to upgrade to the very excellent Audison Prima speakers via our prize draw. I have received so many positive comments from those who have adopted these speakers and done nothing else to their cars and the uplift in enjoyment is clear to observe. I am lucky n that I am exposed on a regular basis to awesome sounding cars featuring very high end equipment but I have just as much fun when listening to more modest upgrades. I don't suppose we will ever run out of music to listen to but sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to listen rather than an arbitrary excuse not to. Where better to listen than during otherwise wasted hours sitting in traffic?
I look forward to announcing the winners of our prize draw next month.

Take Care