Carry On Wayward Son!

Welcome DS Clubbers. Don't know about you but, we are all feeling a little wayward at the moment. Must be hankering for normality. Personally, I am definitely missing being able to travel around the country listening to great systems in cars. Hopefully, we are getting to a point when things can be loosened off a bit, now that the majority of our old folk are protected! Still some way to go, but maybe the summer will see us able to move towards a fresh normality. Let's kick off with this month's featured track.


This month, we explore the very excellent AudioControl LC-6.1200 six-channel amplifier. I am revisiting a classic 70's tune which everyone should use as a reference track when choosing an amplifier for their own system system in my opinion. Hit the button below to head on over to the article or follow this link:
Amplify My Music!

Hertz Mille Pro speakers have quickly become a favourite of those who are pushing for superb quality sound.

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Take Me To Hertz Mille Pro Land!

The image above is from one of my favourite Driving Sounds Magazine covers, Issue IV (Taken by the highly talented Michael Prior, a massive Kansas fan).  It was inspired by one of my famous rants on why OEM speakers should be removed and destroyed before they do any more damage to the ears and mindfulness of true music lovers!

Read on my friends and we hope you enjoy this little oasis of "caraudiology" that sits in the middle of a desert of restraint, boredom, misery and stationaryness!

Destroy Your OEM Speakers - Read It Here!

Kansas heavy content this month has given me a yearning for more rock tunes. So, I am bagging this month's list with five of my standout rock tunes. We have spoken many times about the challenge offered by guitar-oriented rock music in a car. I am pretty confident that all of these will sound shocking on your standard system, however, they sound great in mine:

Feel free to supply your own for future use.

Burlesque - Family
Stay With Me - Faces
Bullfrog Blues - Rory Gallagher
Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC
Hard to Handle - Black Crowes

Send your Top Five tunes for inclusion in the future. Hit the button below.

My Top Five

I chose this month's chosen track for a few reasons. Firstly as mentioned in our AudioControl amplifier feature, the track is great for checking how an amplifier responds to being bombarded with loads of low-mid and bass content. Secondly, the track was responsible for one of my stand out car audio memories.

Some years ago, I carried out PR duties for a number of car audio companies. One of these was a famous British car amplifier manufacturer. The company in question flew me out to the CES show in Las Vegas one year in order to support their presence there. By the end of the first day, we were all worn out having worked very late the night before getting the stand ready. The usually dry and reserved owner of the company put this track on in our demo car. He turned it up very loud and flung the doors open. Immediately the stand was absolutely rammed with exhibitors rocking out to this fabulously iconic rock number. It is a memory that will live with me forever. The track picked up a load of knackered exhibitors and immediately injected huge amounts of energy into everyone who came to rock out on our stand! It was the perfect demonstration of the power of music.

When we get out of lockdown, I will use this as a demo track, so that I can have the opportunity to musically analyse it for you. After all, who doesn't love a track that has its first guitar solo ripping out just 41 seconds in? Prepare yourself club members!

Until then, enjoy your listening in your cars and do take care.


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