I met this bloke with a didgeridoo and he was playing Dancing Queen on it.  I thought: 'That's Aboriginal.'

February Folk And Country


Howdy y'all. This month we start off with a bit of Country. This much maligned musical genre, like many others, has come to the fore in recent years. You can now find country music influences all over the place. Traditionally, country music is mainly acoustic based music. Much of its uniqueness comes from the skill of the players rather than that of the producer. Instruments tend to be beautifully recorded with natural dynamics and only the finest singers break through. The hidden track this month features the Avett Brothers and we think it sounds rather good on a well balanced, dynamic system in a car.
Elsewhere this month, we report on a club members experiments with hi res music. Read on!

James Reeve - Turn The Tide


Meet James Reeve. We first met James at Chatsworth House in 2017. We had a good chat and a demonstration of one of our cars. At the time, he had already embarked on upgrading the sound in his own BMW 1-series. Since that time the car has had a few upgrades, the latest of these is an Apple accessory that allows him to stream hi res files from his iPhone. Read more about it here:


Top Five - James Reeve

Girlfriend - Christine and the Queens

Heading for the night - Electribe 101

These are the days of our lives - Queen

Artificial Paradise - JJ Cale

One song at a time - Mark Knopfler 

Hi Res Music Streaming

Hi res music is definitely beginning to win hearts and minds amongst those who appreciate good quality music reproduction. It is now four years since we began to attempt to convince people that hi res music had a place in a car audio system. Read this FOUR MASTER  blog and find out how we are doing!


Audison bit Play HD

On the subject of hi res music streaming, Audison bit Play HD still leads the market in automotive specific streaming devices. The latest generation of software and firmware delivers a massive upgrade on the initial offerings. When connected to an in-built screen, improved operability allows for easy and safe handling of music files in all manner of formats.

Find out more here:

Issue V, our Hi Def-centric Issue of Driving Sounds Magazine is now available for Free download!

Country Rogues

Sarah Jarosz

While putting this month's bulletin together, I have been listening to a bit of country music. This is not a natural genre search for me, even though I have always been fond of James Taylor. I came across multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, Sarah Jarosz, along the way and was instantly captivated by the way she blurs the lines between many genres. The combination of Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Banjo and Guitar are classic country/bluegrass ensemble fare, but the way she uses them (and plays them by the way) offers hints of epic musical orchestration, even dare I say it, prog?

Anyway, I thought some of you out there may enjoy discovering her output - I would strongly recommend doing so in hi res - Qobuz has a fairly comprehensive catalogue of her work including a rendition of Radiohead's "The Tourist", which I am totally in love with (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnNDXjSxr4M) - Not a foot stomper that one though! - I have put a link to a different, live track behind the picture above.

If you are as titivated by the musical arrangements and the way the sounds of these acoustic instruments are put together, I would also recommend a journey through "All Ashore" by Punch Brothers. If Sarah blurs the lines, Punch Brothers bend and twist them in very interesting ways. Try this one for a flavour, then find a hi res stream or download of the album! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjPJo74RSLg

Until Next Month, keep your ears and minds open.

Take care