Slithering snake-like toward spring!

February Brings The Rain

Close Mic'd vocals exist for a purpose. The technique is self explanatory, stick a microphone right down the throat of a singer so they don't have to strain and get every nuance of their biological equipment down. Used heavily for vocalists who perhaps don't have as much power in their voices as is needed to get the pre requisite amount of level into a "busy" recording or (as in this case) to cause a stirring in the loins. This month's not-so-hidden song is one of the earliest examples of close mic technique that I have come across and talk about loinal stirrings! Anyway, the car audio related point is that such subtlety is easily lost in a car. Fortunately, all of you lovely Driving Sounds Club members have done something about your awful car audio systems and will have no trouble hearing the soft sibilance (Youtube generic distortion notwithstanding) and gentle breathy vowels and soft sensuous plosives in this ridiculously sexy vocal.
This month we are musing mainly on electric cars however, I have chosen to wax lyrical about my recent experience at a Snake Davis gig. Read on only once you have given our Julie a good listen.

Top Tesla

This month we preview an article under development following a demonstration of a cracking system in this most electric of vehicles! Simon Longmuir of FOUR MASTER, John Kleis, was our host for the day. See also our blog to the right which contains related content. Read the embryo here:


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month's Driving Sounds were chosen by Simon Longmuir, ace installer at FOUR MASTER, John Kleis. They are tracks he used when tuning the Tesla featured in our "Embryo" this month. Put these tracks in your car and see how your system shapes up! Drama, emotion and subwoofer work out - it's all in here! 
I Can Explain - Rachelle Ferrell
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going - Jennifer Hudson
Turn Back The Time - Camo & Krooked
Back To Forever - Lisse
Their War Here - Batman V Superman

Why not send us your favourite five tracks - Just a snapshot of tunes you are enjoying in your motor at the moment?
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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Audio Upgrades from Audison

In this month's blog, FOUR MASTERs is getting all Eco on you. It was once thought that the rise of electric vehicles would see the end of all this car audio upgrade nonsense and drivers could get on with the more important job of appreciating the glorious roundness of a vehicle's wheels instead. Pah! we are not beaten that easily.


Product Of The Month

These oft talked about component speakers never cease to amaze us! Last week we were out and about visiting more hapless victims for the next issue of Driving Sounds magazine. We came across a Fiesta with a pair of these fitted. Driven directly from the the original head unit, they sounded absolutely brilliant! If you have not sorted the front-end of your car out for sound yet, we would strongly recommend these as a starting point. They perform miraculously on low power and the dispersion characteristic ensures a great sound stage even in the most challenging of circumstances. Bloody well done Audison! 

Snake Davis - Talent Without The fuss!

I recently spent a Saturday night with the man pictured above. He goes by the name of Snake Davis and was with M People back in the day, but then he was also with a whole host of other people and still is as a live and recording session player. I interviewed him back in November and took pictures of his car for the next issue of the magazine. Along with being extremely accommodating, he gave me a copy of his latest CD, Classic Sax Solos on which he and a band of equally talented musicians recreate tracks with saxophone at their heart. The gig was at The Mill in Banbury, a fairly intimate venue seating about 180 folk. The sound is very good as the on stage amplifiers (backline) could be clearly heard so the house PA had not so much work to do. Soft spoken Snake had the audience in raptures for almost two hours while he told us all about the people he had met and the connections he has with many of the tracks he played. His tales were fascinating to me and the playing was scintillating. In a world where modern "artists" seem pre disposed to scream at me and demand I put my hand in the air and make some noise, it was refreshing to have the artist do all of the work and just entertain without any trace of ego - used by many to conceal a lack of talent. If you can get to a Snake Davis Band gig, I can strongly recommend the experience - 10/5!
See you next month.