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Big ReVeel

Hello members and welcome to September!
Another busy month for Driving Sounds with reader interest growing all of the time.
I visited my mate Stuey at FOUR MASTER Accutek last month to have him Bit Tune my system and while there, he encouraged me to sit in his reincarnated Beetle. He is still applying the final touches but he was keen to hear what I thought and also to lay down a challenge. This is nothing new as everywhere I go people challenge me to try and hear the difference between high bit rate MP3 and Flac files and other such things. I was presented with two discs labelled "A" and "B" which contained the latest Gregory Porter album, Liquid Spirit. I listened very, very carefully to the opening track, "No Love Dying". I concluded that although the differences to my ears were very small I could discern better separation in the mid frequencies on disc B particularly in quiet passages. Even Stuey had not been told what if any, was different between the discs and we had to wait a full month before finding out that disc B had been treated with a product called ReVeel (pictured above). It is claimed that a releasing agent which aids with easy removal from the mould in teh disc manufacturing process often leaves a residue behind. ReVeel removes this which results in fewer read errors. Being naturally extremely cynical about this kind of thing I was amazed that both Stuey and I had independently identified the treated disc and that the difference could be heard not on a £20K home hi-fi system but on £2K worth of car audio! I am therefore forced to endorse not only Stuey's incredible installation and tweaking ability but also the wonders of ReVeel and the moving, vocal majesty and songwriting talent of Gregory Porter.


Sneeky Peek

Tony Parr for the Course
The next three Sneeky Peeks will be dedicated to following the installation of an Audison Prima system to a Ford Focus owned by a "friend of the family". We believe the story is typical of possibly 90% of all car owners attitudes to music in their cars. If only they knew what they are missing. Perhaps after this, and with your help, many more will!
Read part one here.


Top 5 Driving Sounds

This month we though we would bring you Tony Parr's initial top five. I have to say, Tony struggled to come up with five tracks he really loved to listen to whilst driving. It will be interesting to see if he has less trouble once he can actually here music in his car rather than just noise!
Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
Muse - Plug In Baby
Linkin' Park - In The End
Newton Faulkener - Dream Catch Me
Muse - Starlight
Don't forget, any of you can send us a top five list and it will be  shared with the rest of our club members. Send your selection to:

Techie Bit

This month, we explore the difference between 16 bit and 24 bit depth audio and attempt to boil the science down to the benefits to the listener. Hopefully, we will not lead you too far away from reality! Click here to read it:


bit Play HD

Since the introduction of Audison Full D/A technology, the in car world has waited with baited breath for a pure audio source that really does the technology justice. The concept of presenting digital signals from source unit to amplifier thus avoiding any possibility of distortion or noise in the signal path has remained a high priority for Audison since the introduction of the first Bit product. Now, as a result of a significant development programme, Audison can now boast true 24-bit depth audio at 96kHz sampling delivered directly to an Audison amplifier with digital input using Flac or similarly encoded music.
So, what can you expect to hear? Much, much more! More dynamic range offering source material extended sound stage, which places each instrument with surgical precision yet with all the timbre and acoustic resonance intended by recording artist and sound engineer alike. bit Play HD is a wifi source streaming audio from HD storage via a pair of USB ports. Control of the unit including file management and handling is achieved by a bespoke App which runs on any Android or iOS device. Your portable device becomes the master controller and as well as artist and title will also display cover art and retails for just £529. More information next month but if you simply cannot wait, click here! 

Careful What You Wish For!

While preparing the blog on 16 bit vs 24 bit depth audio, I was musing on the creation, development and marketing process around new technology products. Why are they the size shape and price that they are? What leads the world's total obsession with driving cost to the point that any perceived value a product has, remains in the scant immediacy of the 10 minute thrill it brings rather than the effort that goes in to obtaining it? How committed are purchasers of low-cost items to the technology they contain? Do new technology products have to be a great success straight away for the development of the technology to continue?
Surreal as it may seem, I have no intention of addressing any of these questions here but, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. By way of stimulation, why was CD developed as a 16 bit product when the technology existed to make it 24 bit and oh so much better? Please discuss and report back to:

See you next month!