Find out who won our Audio Joy and Audio Heaven systems following our busy summer events. Also we preview more Driving Sounds Issue 4 content and invite you to enter our two month prize draw to win an Audio Joy system.
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.......And The Winner Is......

Hello Driving Sounds Cub members,
Before we get down to business, I would just like to welcome all those who have joined us in the last month. Most of you newbies will hopefully be enjoying your new amps, speakers and subwoofers and wondering how on earth you put up with awful factory fitted equipment in your cars for so long! Maybe you would like to consider sending me an email detailing your experience at the hands of your chosen FOUR MASTER. Free hats, pens and anything else we can't find space for anymore for the best contributions: 

Some of you joined our club as a direct result of seeing us at shows over the summer. We challenged visitors to our stand to identify which of two identical BMW 1-Series cars we were demonstrating had an upgraded audio system. Despite some difficult listening conditions, 86% of you guessed correctly. The upgraded car was of course.....(drum roll)......Car A! - Read below to find out who the lucky winners are. If you were  not lucky this time, why not enter our November prize draw to win an Audio Joy system for your car. See below for details.

Driving Sounds Issue 4

 This month's sneaky peek features the beginnings of an article covering a fabulous install into a VW Scirocco. The back story contains a sage warning to us all about sourcing information and sophisticated products from anonymous "experts". Fortunately, the skills of the featured FOUR MASTER as well as the tenacity of his customer won through in the end. Enjoy this exclusive club member peek:


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month we are featuring the Top Five Driving Sounds of Dunbar-based FOUR MASTER Ray Smith. Ray has worked around this industry for many years and now runs two adjacent businesses one of which promotes and carries out great audio installs in his workshop. His work in developing his own websites over the years has lead to a new lease of life as a developer. His new site is dedicated to products provided by UK distributor FOUR and demonstrates his use of web technology and techniques to help consumers get to exactly the information they need as quickly as possible. His installation activities include all things auto electrical but it is the audio installs that drive his business on. Here is Ray's current Top Five:
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
Wake Me Up - Avicii
Counting Stars - One Republic 
Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
I'm Gonna Be - The Proclaimers

Why not send me yours:

Car Audio Idol -
Competition Winners

I am thrilled to announce the winners of an Audio Joy and Audio Heaven installation as drawn from the hundreds of entries we received while exhibiting at shows this summer they are:
Audio Joy - This goes to VW Type 4 Transporter driver Helena Bennett who lives in North Yorkshire
Audio Heaven - This goes to Olly Samways who lives in Norwich and drives a BMW 3-series
Many congratulations to both of you.
Both winners will be referred to their local FOUR MASTERS to arrange for the installs to be carried out and their vehicles will be featured in Issue 4 of the magazine.
Many thanks to all who entered and don't be too disappointed, you still have the opportunity to win an Audio Joy system for your car in our November prize draw - details below.


Distorted Car Audio Signals Aint What They Used To Be

Distortion is a not so silent killer of audio components. Much experienced but little understood, the underlying causes and adverse effects can be avoided. It is very common for inexperienced installers to overlook the need to closely match signal levels to suit the input capability of sensitive electronic devices especially amplifiers and crossover networks. Both can be irreparably damaged when over driven as can the speakers that they drive. Read our detailed explanation of the causes and possible effects of distortion in a car audio system by visiting: - Whilst there, you can view last months article on Power if you have not already done so. These articles are written in a way that non-technical readers can understand (hopefully!) 

November Prize Draw

Here at Driving Sounds we like to make music lovers happy. We like to try and demonstrate to the world the joy of great sounding car audio and to coax you into throwing out tuppenny ha'penny speakers thrown in by the maker of your car and having a proper audio system lovingly installed and set up for your tastes instead. In order to give yet another lucky club member this experience, we are offering a FOUR MASTER Audio Joy system worth £519.97 for the product alone, to another club member. The system was featured in last month's newsletter ( - for those who missed it) and attracted surprisingly few entries. You still have the best part of a month to enter and get your chance to win this fantastic system installed into your car (Your FOUR MASTER reserves the right to charge you for accessories and parts required for the installation).  To enter, simply email; name, address, car make, model and year to:
I look forward to announcing the winner next month. In the meantime, take care and wrap up warm!


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