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Give it away, give it away, give it away  

Forgive the vintage Chilli Peppers induced excitement but we have a fabulous giveaway to bring you - see the item below. In this month's bulletin we also feature an Ibiza-style top five from new member Nick Phillips, the latest instalment in Tony Parr's pilgrimage to musical Nirvana and lots of other fabulous stuff. Welcome to all new members, you can catch up with the rest of us by taking a look at all the previous issues of our monthly output by signing up to our online club right here. Continue reading for more car audio fun and don't forget those fabulous speakers we are giving away, giving away, giving away soon!


Tony 3 Over (excited) Parr

OK, I've finished with the golf jokes now Tony! So, as briefly mentioned last month, Tony returned from holiday to find his car had been upgraded with a pair of Audison Prima APK 165 speakers and we thought it might be good to see how he felt about them after a month of driving around with them. Go here to read how he is getting on


Top Tunes

This month, we present you with an Ibiza inspired top five from Nick Phillips who is the proud owner of a pair of Hertz Dieci DSK 165 components and a Hertz DBA 200 amplified subwoofer. Nick is full of praise for FOUR MASTER Autograph who did the install; "I can safely say that these guys are probably the best, if not one the best in the north" - I would go with "one of" if I were you Nick. Other awesome FOUR MASTERS ply their trade with equal aplomb north of the Watford gap! Nick has submitted a list of his favourite DJ's and listens largely to "sets" from these steel wheel spinners!
Carl Cox
Loco Dice
Nic Fanciulli
Sydney Blu
But we think you might all also enjoy:
Todd Terje - Leisure Suit Preben

Carlos the Jakal - 808 Mix (a personal favourite!)
or of course, the originators of the genre :-). Why not submit your own top 5? Simply drop us a line with your name and any info you have on your car audio and your favourite five tunes for driving to (artist and title please) to:

Phasers On Stun

This month's techie bit looks at phase, how it affects music and why it is important when it comes to good listening. The article tells you how to listen out for the tell-tale signs which may point toward speakers being wired out of phase or substandard equipment in use.
Go here to read in full.


Audison Prima Prize Draw

Well folks, we have done it again and thanks to our good friends at the FOUR MASTER network we are running a prize draw over the next two months at the end of which, three lucky winners will receive a pair of Audison Prima coaxial speakers installed into their vehicle free of charge! Lucky winners will be picked out of the hat and announced early January. These unique speakers feature many new technologies which help to overcome the issues with factory speaker positions as well as some existing leading-edge Audison technologies such as a triple wave surround for extended bass accuracy and we think they sound completely fab!
You can read all about them here and all you need to do to enter is email your name, location and vehicle make and model to:

Near Field Listening For The Selfish

Music is important to me and sharing this pleasure with others is equally so. I get rather irritated by those who choose to keep their musical preferences to themselves by listening almost solely on headphones. When I was young I listened to a record player in my bedroom. I was rarely asked to turn it down and in fact, the whole family would have many open discussions about our favourite artists and tunes around the dinner table. While on family car journeys, we would all join in singing the favourites of every passenger in the car as a broad selection of genres were known to us. I think it is a real shame that families have become very detached from each others music by the proliferation of headphone or ear bud listening. I am therefore attempting to instigate change in my household by systematically hiding my teenage daughter's ear buds and encouraging her to listen out loud. I am also banning them from the car. Headphone listening leads to isolation and eventually an in-built intolerance of the music others like to listen to. Come on everyone, lets share the music we listen to for the sake of broadened musical horizons and something to talk about at meal times! - Rant over.
See you next month,