Driving Sounds V - Front Cover revealed!

Marching Into February

Hello to you all and especially those joining us for the first time. Our rapidly growing database of Driving Sounds Club members is of great comfort to us as we slog through our daily toil!
First, we must apologise for the lack of a February newsletter. The truth is, with so much work going on to produce issue V of Driving Sounds Magazine, we simply ran out of time! Above you can get and exclusive look at the front cover. As you can see, the theme is High Definition audio. There is a brief taster as to what that is at the foot of this article. This month. we announce the winner of the very excellent Pioneer PRS D800 compact amplifier we offered as a prize. We also bring you another sneeky-peek from what promises to be a cracking article from issue V. We will get the smelling and grandma checked before we go to print (promise!) and in fact the final item may bare only a passing resemblance to this. So, read on Mcduff as some man in tights once wrote!


Mille Legend
Car Audio Impressarios, Hertz have recently launched a brand new treatment of their stunningly successful Mille range. Far from a mere "face-lift" every element of these products have been scrutinised, paired down, built up and finally given a thorough listening to. Find out more here: http://www.drivingsounds.co.uk/driving-sounds-club/the-legend-that-is-mille/


Top 5 Driving Sounds

Above, we see Digger Mosey receiving his Prima coaxial speakers from Tim Campling, proprietor of FOUR MASTER Car and Home Stereo in Macclesfield. I have decided to make a top five up for Digger, based entirely on the hardly anything at all that I know about him!
Pretenders - Brass In Pocket
Nat King Cole - Smile
WIngs - Hair Short
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Deep Purple - Lazy (that one's for Tim!)

Mr. Speaker

Speaker Cones - The Fundamentals
The job of a speaker is to move air. That is how sound is transformed from electrical impulses into beautiful music. Perfect reproduction requires a cone to move teh maximum amount of air without changing shape. We look at some ways this is achieved right here:


Pioneer PRS D800 And The Winner Is.....

Ricky Mills is our lucky winner this month! Huge congratulations to him and a big thank you to all of you who entered. It seems that you are all desperate for decent audio in your cars so don't forget, you can purchase a system or parts there of from any FOUR MASTER or on a buy online collect in store basis from FOUR's beautiful new site: www.fourcaraudio.co.uk. Have a look at the kind of things FOUR MASTERS they get up to here: http://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/
Ricky's amplifier will be installed by local FOUR MASTER Accutek and we hope to bring you some feedback as soon as the work is completed.

High Fidelity High!

Club members who can remember the image above from the first time around are at the dawn of a strange new time. You see, both TV Series and the Compact disc were released at the same time (1982). It was a time when the misery of the seventies was abating and a new optimism combined with a bit of spending cash and the development of life-changing new technologies were launching left, right and centre. CD was heralded as the de facto music medium for lovers of hifi quality listening however, the reality was somewhat different and many decided to stick with vinyl despite the huge amount of publicity which underpinned the new technology. Anyway, a new dawn is upon us once more. The dawn of High Definition music. And about time too! I have recently been reviewing high definition music files played both at home and in the car for Issue V. I am very excited by this technology which combines the convenience of solid state music, ideal for bumpy cars, and near-vinyl quality but without the static pops and clicks or the general delicate handling required of that particular medium. However, for those many millions who have lost their way with MP3 and other squished audio formats reproduced on sub-standard gear, it is difficult to describe succinctly what this new technology will bring to listening pleasure. For those a little more sonically advanced, there is still a danger that analysis paralysis can quickly set in particularly, if you are tempted to try on-the-fly AB comparisons between tracks. It is important when assessing a new listening experience to listen to a variety of good sources in their entirety. It is quite hard to find High Definition music mixed and mastered identically to the CD version. In order to achieve high definition, source music has to be fundamentally remade from its source and along the way inevitable tweaks take place. What I can report however, is that this time, we have an audio format which is loads better than CD and will become a success and hopefully assign squished digital durgery to the trash once and for all!

Until April, I wish you all happy listening! As ever you are welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and top fives with me here: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk