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March Onwards

Hello club members and welcome to spring!
As you may remember we have an ongoing offer for Rainbow custom fit speakers with our mates over at FOUR MASTERS. You still have time (March 31st) to get a 25% discount on a pair for your own car and having heard them first ear as it were, I would strongly recommend that you do. I heard a pair in a BMW E46 and they certainly live up to their billing as some of the finest sounding custom fit speakers available. Punchy mid-bass with ultra-refined high frequencies and slotting straight into the factory mounting positions, well worth considering. Just follow this link ( and enter discount code: IntellDS1 once you have selected the right pair for your own car. The pair I listened to were being powered by a Hertz HCP4 amplifier which was also running a 10" sub and a full system run down can be seen in the now imminent Driving Sounds issue IV.


Now is the time to take your final sneaky-peeks at issue IV content. The magazine is nearly there and we are desperately busy polishing the last few pages of editorial for our new designer who will be bringing a brand new look to the magazine. We are racing against time to get this issue ready in time for the new show season so fingers crossed that we will manage this.



Top Five Driving Sounds

This month we welcome our new crayon wielder, Andrew Saunders of AS Designs on board.  Andrew has years of magazine design experience and will bring a fresh look to your favourite car audio magazine. We are so grateful that we though we would give him the opportunity to share his top five with us instead of paying him.
Passenger - Things that stop you dreaming
AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Daft Punk - Get Lucky
The Lumineers - Ho Hey
Stanton Warriors - Still Here
Welcome to our whacky world Andrew.
If you would like to share your top five with all club members just ping them over to me on:

Techie Bit

Car Speaker Cone Materials

This month our blog ( tackles the thorny subject of speaker cones. Everyone has their own favourite cone material and we try to explain the differences between some of the most popular.



Our buds over at FOUR MASTERS have asked us to point out that they have introduced a new reviews system on their site. As well as being able to give feedback on any products you have had installed by them you can also score the FOUR MASTER out of seven for quality of service received. These will be posted on their website for all potential new customers to see. If you have purchased products within the last few months you should have received a request to leave your own review. We have tried it and it is quick and easy. If you have had a product installed recently and received a request for a review, do fill it in, it helps them spread the good word!

The Importance of Sound

I have a very unglamorous Renault Scenic into which I have a system comprising an amplifier running a pair of components actively. I have a Bit 10 which I had Bit-tuned to match the factory unit and have generally been happy apart from a few issues with lack of bass which I put down to not running a subwoofer and also a disappointingly narrow stereo image. I recently had cause to change the head unit for a Pioneer DEH-80PRS which gave me the perfect opportunity to experience exactly what the Bit Tune had had to do in order to make the factory unit sound good. Without any tweaking at all, the Pioneer sounded incredibly bass heavy, there was  a horrible harshness to the treble and no middle frequencies at all. What I was listening to was the antithesis of the pre-set curve in the factory unit. It was actually very easy to completely overhaul the sound, I simply set the Bit 10 dual 31-band graphic equaliser to flat and hey presto. Ok, it will need another Bit tune but it is certainly listenable. So, why would Renault choose this particular sound curve for their head unit? A quick look at the speakers tells you all you need to know! The woofers have paper cones and magnets the size of a £2 coin so clearly won't handle any bass frequencies without disintegrating and although there is a bass control on the head unit, it is playing flat when turned up full probably. Similarly, the tweeters are absolutely minuscule and probably sound quite nasty if presented with any high frequency energy at all and so the head unit has a "tailored" high-end response to stop causing aural bleeding! Alas, this is not unusual which is why whenever I get into someone else's factory equipped car I will always find the bass and treble turned fully up. Funnily enough, I don't want car manufacturers to stop doing this as choosing and purchasing your own car audio is a fun and very satisfying thing to do but it would be handy if they stopped trying to prevent the specialist dealer from trying to do so by changing the shape and integrating all sorts of controls which could easily and in many cases, more conveniently sit elsewhere.  Ultimately, talent will out and the talent for good audio in a car clearly does not lie with the vehicle manufacturer.
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