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Solstice Sounds

As scary as it may seem, here we are beyond half way through the year already! We will soon be thinking about buying winter fuel and looking for things to do when this gorgeous summer weather abates. Maybe listening to the upgraded sounds in your car?
I would like to welcome all new Driving Sounds Club members who have found us by dint of the fact that they have purchased equipment or had it installed by our good friends at FOUR and FOUR MASTERS. I would also like to thank all of those who availed themselves of the introductory offer of Driving Sounds Issue V as well as those who have downloaded the entire magazine or individual articles from it. It is gratifying that so many of you are interested in what we have to say about music and its reproduction within motor vehicles.
We are back to our traditional format for this bulletin so read on to see all of your favourite monthly features below. Don't forget, you are always welcome to contact us and let us know what you think of our content or suggest changes/features that would be enjoyed across our diverse readership. Just email:


M5 Fit For A DJ
Busy DJ, Trevor Trevett needs music in his life all of the time. He also likes nice cars. Here he has combined these two basic human needs in one fantastically improved BMW M5. Find out how we got on when we went to visit him. Click here


Top Five Driving Sounds

Some months ago we gave away a number of pairs of Audison Prima speaker systems. One of the lucky winners was Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France. I have finally got to catch up with Sarah-Jayne to find out how she is getting on with them and of course to ask her for a top five. I still find it quite amusing that many people feel they are going to be judged for the music they listen to. I do wish you would all get over yourselves and share with us, what rocks your cars!
Sarah-Jayne provided artist names, so I have chosen the tracks that I like - I do hope that is OK S-J?
Needless to say, the speakers have gone down extremely well. They are fantastic for slotting into factory positions and will drastically improve the sound in any car! - Check them out here.

When We Were On Fire - James Bay
Rapture - Blondie
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Upside Down - Paloma Faith
Heart Skips A Beat (ft. Rizzle Kicks) - Olly Murs

I look forward to receiving many Top Fives from anyone brave enough!

Back To The Music
Two Channel Audio Is Best

This feature used to be labelled "Techie Bit" but this seems to put some off reading these excellently informative brief explanations of some of the finer points of car audio and listening to music. So, please head off (sorry about that!) and read this one. You don't need to take a slide rule or a book of logarithm tables with you, I promise. Off you go!


Scouting For Cars!

We have already made a start on the next issue of Driving Sounds magazine. Regular readers will know that we can't resist a posh car packed full of audio loveliness, but just as important to us are "real life" daily drivers belonging to music lovers who have been moved to upgrade the sound in their ride for the sake of enjoying the music they love. To this end, we need to hear from anyone who fits that description and would be happy to spend two or so hours with our editor and snapper and tell us your story for the sake of car audio kind. It doesn't matter how much or little has been spent, which brands have been chosen or what kind of music you listen to, simply let us know something about your car and the audio upgrade carried out on it and if you are willing to let us feature it in the next issue. Email:

Promoting Good Audio At Goodwood

Goodwood Festival Of Speed is one of the nation's biggest car interest shows. Based in Sussex, it draws crowds from all over the country and beyond who are bound together by a passion for motor racing and cars. We are currently working very hard to prepare for this year's show which will be our third. It is very hard work but gives us a perfect opportunity to sell magazines and demonstrate great car audio to a wide variety of people. This year we have once again recruited the priceless help of FOUR and some of their FOUR MASTERS to demonstrate audio in three demo cars. All of these are equipped with Audison bit Play HD, high definition music server which I am personally very excited about.
If you happen to be heading that way, do please drop in and say hello. You could enter our prize draw to win a full digital system for your own car!
Until next month,
Keep on groovin' while your movin'