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New Arrival

Welcome all to a new era in Driving Sounds Club membership! We are now in the realms of the creation of Issue V as Issue IV is now out in the public domain. You can get your hands on a copy by visiting your local FOUR MASTER or directly from our website: We would be thrilled to hear from you regarding the new issue. It has a few more technical features in it. We have tried to explain some pretty heavy-weight science in terms that the lay person understands but I guess you are the best judges of that and I will very much enjoy your feedback. You can send this with any suggestions or enquiries relating to Driving Sounds Magazine or car audio in general to:

Get More Involved

We really enjoy the fact that we have so many members all following our passion for car audio. However, we thrive on interaction. Your comments are the only way that we can tailor our output and that of the magazine to reflect your views/needs/interest. We get a certain amount of feedback and always consider every comment thoroughly but, we can handle plenty more so please do not hold back!
Tell us anything related to membership or the magazine by email to:


Top Tunes

Speaking of interaction. I received this Top Tunes list from Bruce Gowans a few weeks back. Bruce is a fan of Driving Sounds and has followed the development and activities around our BMW 1-series demonstrators since last year's show season. Not sure if you have taken the plunge yet Bruce? Do email me and let me know how things are going with your own car.

Brian Eno - This
AWOL Nation - Sail
The Staves - Facing West
Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - Bang Bang (Yu Yu Ma Chill Out Mix)
Karine Polwart - The Sun's Comin' Over The Hill

Fabulous selection Bruce, thank you so much!
If anyone else fancies sharing a Top Tunes list with us, simply send a list of five tracks and artists and some information about your car or yourself to:



Techie Bit

Strangled Power Kills Car Amplifiers!
This months technical insight for the non-technical, deals once again with the destructive powers of distortion. This month we focus on the importance of a good supply voltage being fed to your amplifier. Read on:


Come and Meet us!

We are very excited to be exhibiting at Goodwood Festival of Speed from June 26th to June 29th. This year, we will be demonstrating Audison Prima product in one of our BMW 1-series demonstrators. We believe this product could revolutionise attitudes to good quality audio in the car and you can read all about it in the new issue of Driving Sounds. We will also be displaying the very speakers that feature on the front cover of the new issue so you can see what is fitted to your vehicle as standard and compare it to an aftermarket product. You will also be able to meet and speak with some actual real-life installers of high-quality car audio products as we will have some FOUR MASTERS helping us out.
It would be great to see as many of you as can make it. For full event information visit:

Changing Your Colours!

Well done everyone who has made it this far. Regular readers will know that his is where I get to sound-off about something music related. This month, I am feeling pretty up-beat and in particular as a close friend of mine has just reported to me that he is off to buy a Katherine Jenkins album. Nothing too notable about this to those of eclectic taste however, this comes from a man who has recently been "moshing" at gigs by Alter Bridge and Kill Switch Engage (Lovely lyrics by the way!) - So, why the change of heart? Simple, my friend has just attended a corporate event in Italy and the entertainment on one of the evenings included a visit to a 400-seat theatre to listen to a man accompanying a female singer of the classical persuasion through a merry mixture of music though the ages. My friend has his sensitive side but is very into his rock bands and this new revelation came as quite a shock to me but underlines my fundamental belief that nothing can move a human being to emotion more than unsullied, perfect musical performance. I would like you all to go and watch a musician you wouldn't normally choose to go and see and report to me how the experience makes you feel.

See you next month, class dismissed!