Did you win a pair of majestic audison Prima coaxials for your car?

New Year, New Magazine, More prizes!

A rather belated Happy New Year to all our loyal Driving Sounds Club members. In this month's bulletin we have all the usual, thought stimulating car audio news and views as well as a brand new competition. The winners of our pre Christmas Prima speaker giveaway have been drawn from our rather shabby hat and have been informed. You can find out who they are below left. 
Congratulations to all three and we look forward to reporting on their new musical adventures shortly.
Onwards good people!

Sneeky Peek

Tweeter technology

As writing continues apace, here is a sneeky extract from a 2-pager prepared for issue V on the architecture and technology of tweeters. Hope you enjoy it!


The full article is currently in design as are many other elements of the next issue. Yesterday we were in a photo studio at a secret location snapping pics for the front cover:

Intriguing aint it?


....And The Winner Is......

The winners of our pre Christmas Prima speaker prize draw have been put in touch with a local FOUR MASTER who will install these superb speakers at their own expense. The winners, their cars and local FOUR MASTER are:
D. Mosey, Corsa Excite, Car and Home Stereo
SJ. Windridge-France, Ford Mondeo, Pro Acoustics
A. Haigh, Peugeot 107, Accutek.
Our hearty thanks go out to all those who entered as well as to the FOUR MASTERS who kindly agreed to give up their time and expertise to install the speakers on behalf of Driving Sounds Club. 

Class System
Size Matters

As we roll inexorably toward another issue of Driving Sounds Magazine, it is time for you to brush up on some lightweight theory! This blog deals with different amplifier topologies and why it is vital that anyone considering the purchase of an amplifier for their car should know the difference! Let us know what you think (email address below!): http://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/caraudio/car-audio-class-system-size-matters/


Pioneer PRS D800 Amplifier to be won!

Just how awesome are the good people of Pioneer? - Very (can one be "very awesome?" sounds a bit tautologous to me - ed) Anyway, editorial pedantry aside, Pioneer have donated one of their lovely slabs of distortion-free, two channel class D loveliness (http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/25/29/182/PRS-D800/page.html) to Driving Sounds for yet another Prize Draw. The lucky winner will be able to have this little beauty installed labour-free by their ever-giving FOUR MASTER although some small charge may be levied for hardware to get the job done. All you have to do for your chance to win is, email us with your car make and model, your email address and a telephone number here before February 14th 2015.
Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Forget Ladbrokes, the odds here are very much stacked in your favour!

Are You A Bassist?

Does the picture above make you feel green with envy or with nausea? There is nothing that has so polarising an effect on car drivers opinions of audio upgrades than bass. Here at Driving Sounds we hope and wish that those who hold strong feelings could just find some middle ground. One of the biggest obstacles to sales of car audio is historical and comes from the bad old "Max Power Magazine" days when in order to have your car featured in that nasty little spank rag, car modifiers had to have at least four 12" subwoofers crammed into the back of a Citroen Saxo. "Just a bit of fun" I hear people say but actually, too much bass oriented listening is not only damaging to ears but it also permanently narrows listening preferences with aggression and adrenaline placed well before musical content. Meanwhile, so called discerning music lovers are still citing this memory of car audio as a reason not to have decent equipment fitted to their vehicles.  Get over yourselves! bass is essential even when listening to Opera! Our place in this debate is to attempt to explain what bass is and what it is for. We believe that a well-balanced system should have accurate high-end performance coupled with stirring low notes and a healthy dose of punchy mid-frequencies. Our views on bass are fully explained in this article (Bass Meant) which appeared in issue 2 and along with the rest of that issue is available to view free of charge on our wonderful website: www.drivingsounds.co.uk. Check it out, use intelligence and knowledge to think your way around unfair bias either way and the world will be a far happier place. Use your bass sparingly and you will experience a far more satisfying result.
Hear you later,