Despite the rain, the sun shines on all Driving Sounds Club members this month with a superb offer on Rainbow Intelligence line of vehicle specific speaker systems alongside all the usual information and insight. Do you see what we did there?

Xmas in February

Hello all Driving Sounds Club members and a special welcome to all new members who have joined us since our January bulletin. Music lovers of a certain persuasion will recognise the title as being borrowed from a Lou Reed song from his New York album. A great artist who wrote and recorded in some of the finest studios in NYC. The simplicity of his music added to the various genius producers he worked with always guaranteed a fantastic result. Of course, car manufacturers conspire to make this kind of music completely unlistenable in the modern car. However, if you like to keep your sound real, you can't fail with the new range of Rainbow speakers called intelligence line. These religiously portray the integrity of honest music and with specifically designed kits which include everything from mounting hardware to connectors, allow you to buy in to a high quality system without any modification to your car. Rainbow will continue to design kits for further car models but have launched with a range which covers those vehicles which require the most urgent help!
To introduce you to this significant range, our friends at FOUR MASTERS would like to offer you a fabulous 25% discount when you purchase a set for your car via their website. Just go here ( and scroll down until you find the right system for you car. Go to the "car audio store" and at point of purchase enter the discount code: IntellDS1 - The offer code will be live until March 31st and is exclusive to club members.


Another sneaky-peek

Helena Bennett (not the swan!) caught up with Driving Sounds at Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. and having sat in our two BMW 1-series, was certain that she could tell which one had the upgraded aftermarket system fitted to it. She was persuaded to enter our competition to win the system she had auditioned and guess what? Some months later, the system has been fitted to her Volkswagen T4 transporter.
Read all about it here (


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month we bring you the top five driving sounds of FOUR MASTER Source Sounds, Sheffield. Loyal followers will be well aware of their work as they featured in issue II and we have looked at many of their cars also including a great sounding BMW Mini in the last issue (Heaven at the Gates of Hell). This list is attributed to all staff and the tunes are used at shows and around their workshop. Fair to say, they do like their bass when nobody's watching!
Martin Garrix - Animals
Lady GaGa - Venus
Knife Party - Centipede
Sub Focus - Turn back time
Tyga - Rack City

Thanks guys


Techie Bit

Car Audio Class System - Size Matters

This month we investigate the meaning of class when it comes to car amplifier design. Read our blog which will prime you for a more in-depth journey in issue IV of Driving Sounds magazine.


Easy Access

Thank you all for clicking around on last month's bulletin. We did notice however, that many of you attempted to read last month's sneaky-peak but gave up when faced with yet another sign-up request. We would really like to develop our members only pages as we believe that loyal followers deserve a bit of extra value. Obviously, we can only do this if you sign into our secure pages - We have tried to make this as painless as possible and all we require is for you to enter the email address that we already have along with a password. Currently, you can view all of our lovely monthly bulletins going back to September last year but these will be supplemented with some candid video clips as we actually go out to shoot the cars. Having said this, we are keen that all members get to see our sneaky-peek articles and we have therefore moved these from the club pages to the home page of the Driving Sounds site (
I hope you will take the time to have a look at some of the content currently being worked on for issue 4 - These are in a very raw form at the moment and will look very different once our demon designer has got his hands on the finished articles and professional photography.


I am often asked to argue a case for upgrading car audio. The most popular comment I receive is; "my factory system sounds quite good actually" I also get quite a few; "ah, but I chose the upgrade system" and; "well, you can't really tell the difference when you are driving can you?" - My answers to these questions, in order are; "No it doesn't, you poor fool and yes you can". As my internet wanderings take me to sites which obviously peg me as a man who likes my music so, I am followed around by B&W, Linn and other notable brands offering me high quality audio downloads of music I have previously purchased on disc. I find it somewhat puzzling that people are clearly persuading these companies that there is a need for high quality source material when the average recipient continues to listen to horribly compressed MP3 or AAC files from their phones and mobile devices on 35p speakers in their cars. I am no luddite but find myself falling for the arguments of other older generation music lovers who actually want to own something physical in return for their money and not just a file of ones and zeros. I value cover art and having my favourite music to hand. In fact an evening of listening is as much about using my eyes as it is my ears and although I could quite easily sit with a tablet or mac on my lap, they offer far too many distractions when all I want to do is listen to the music I purchased in good quality. Linn made arguably the finest turntable (Sondek) on the planet and lead the way in precision engineering of components for high-end disc drives. B&W continue to make some of the best speakers I have ever heard but do these companies really make the very best one's and zero's? - This seems to be what they are trying to say to me...... Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
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See you next month. Keep driving with a smile on your face!