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Perfect Car Audio Christmas

Howdy Driving Sounds Club members. Dreaming of a white Christmas yet? As we approach the festive season, my mind is turned toward Christmas presents for car-owning music lovers. As we struggle to think of new things with which to fill our houses and hardly use, it is often very easy to miss an opportunity to truly improve our lives. I firmly believe that a good quality audio system in a car is a very beneficial thing. Music is healing, uplifting, motivating and joy-bringing so what could be better? A cross trainer? Some designer trainers? a posh bicycle? I know what I would choose.
Anyway, read on for our traditional Christmas alternative top five as well as the usual mix of car audio-related news, opinion and information........(Oooh, don't forget to click the image above for our special, uplifting December tune - Should give your middle-reaches an intense work out!)

Mini Major

This month's look into the future involves this splendid example of system integration and hi-res audio. This car is a demonstration vehicle which is available for any FOUR MASTER to borrow and so on request and with a little patience it is possible for you all to get to have a listen. Another great way is to attend one of the live events we will be appearing at in 2018. I thoroughly recommend that anyone who has not experienced Hi-res audio in a car or who thinks it is not possible to upgrade a mini, make the effort! Read more here:


Top Five Christmas Tunes

It's time for our annual list of less than usual Christmas tunes for your enjoyment. The only criteria we have to meet is that you would not hear any of them in a supermarket over the Christmas period. Last year, we felt we had come up with some pretty unique songs only to hear all but one of them on Radio 6 Music in the run up to Christmas. The final one (Santa's got a bagful of Soul) I heard on 6 music this year. Anyway, here goes nothing:

Christmas Song - Joy Zipper  
Everyday Is Christmas When I'm Loving You - Charles Bradley 
Christmas at the Airport - Nick Lowe
The Christmas Song - The Raveonettes
Just Like Christmas - Low

Big thanks to my bass-playing friend, Paul Walder who dug up some of these for me! 
If you would like to share some tracks with us, just ping them here:

Spec. Check

Damping Factor
We have all seen it written in the the specification of an amplifier, but few of us know what it is or how significant it is. In this month's FOUR MASTER blog we were asked to explain it - We did our very best! (It has nothing to do with rain by the way!)


Audison Prima Amps

Since launch in 2014, we have heralded Audison Prima products as the best option for those wanting great sound without too much messing about with a vehicle. Perfect for use in fleet cars, the range of amplifiers all feature and identical ultra-compact footprint and as they are all Class-D they are extremely heat efficient and can be hidden away in tiny spaces.
The 5.9bit and 4.9bit amplifiers are particularly brilliant. As well as offering 5 and 4 channels of amplification respectively, they carry incredibly powerful bit processing technology on board. A highly sophisticated power management system means they can even run from the vehicle's standard wiring with hardly any audible effect.
Although built to perfectly match Audison Prima speakers, we have heard these powering all sorts of speakers and the result is always top class! With processing like that found in these amplifiers, there is not much these most capable performers can't do!

Find out more here:
and here:

It's A Rip!

So, you have your bit Play HD installed to your vehicle and you notice that full digital is the business. The problem is that your on-board CD player now sounds rubbish. This is often what we find and unless your car has an enabled  MOST buss that you can tap into, then your existing music collection may sound very disappointing in comparison to your hi-res tunes. The answer is to have your CD collection converted into FLAC files and burned to a HDD. You can then play them via your bit Play HD and enjoy reproduction with no read errors and without the enforced sound curve the car maker has put into the head unit to try and make his threepenny halfpenny speakers sound better. You can do this yourself if you have plenty of time and patience and a suitable software package to ensure that all the track, artist and album data is intact and correct. Alternatively, you could use a ripping service. A friend of the Driving Sounds family offers such a service called Bit Perfect Network Audio. Having self-ripped and ended up with a complete mess myself, I cannot recommend BPNA highly enough!
Contact Mike Stewart here:

So, all that remains is for me to wish you a very merry Christmas and wish you a great New Year. I hope Santa brings you lots of things to enhance your listening pleasure.
Take Care,