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Welcome To The August Driving Sounds Club Newsletter

As always we extend a special warm welcome to new members who have joined us since last month's newsletter. 

This month, we focus on coaxial speakers and in particular the very capable Audison Prima APX 165.


As you can see from the above image, the APX 165's have a slim profile which means they will fit in shallow speaker apertures without intruding on the vehicle interior. The water repellent, treated paper cone is attached to the rim of the basket by a triple wave thermoplastic polyurethane surround. This gives the shallow cone a long excursion which helps with bass reproduction, power handling and linearity. These are all areas that have historically suffered when Coaxial speakers have had to be employed. You can find more technical information by clicking the button below. 

Check The Spec!
Coaxial Speakers can actually have a more cohesive phase response than component speakers. Often used in home hifi speakers, the proximity of woofer and tweeter combine to avoid possible issues with the actual listening space. However, unlike a car, speakers in the home tend to be situated at ear height facing the listener. In a car we have greater challenges as speakers often fire directly into the occupants knees or even ankles. Technology has to be employed in order to lift the sound up towards the ears.
There is a very informative blog on the FOUR MASTER website which offers detail on how this is achieved. 
To Head From Toe - How It Is Done!
We recently completed a review of Audison Prima APX 165's installed in a pair of home speakers. Below we have included a link to the article that we would like all of you Driving Sounds Club members to be the first to read. Have this one on us and we hope you enjoy the read!

This is a paid for article however, we have included a special link below, which will enable Driving Sounds Club members to download it for free!
At Home In Your Car

Issue IX of Driving Sounds Magazine has been massively delayed by Covid-19. We have therefore, taken the decision to make content that was already prepared available for paid download. You can find all the completed material at the Driving Sounds Magazine Website. Button below will take you there!
Issue IX - Brand New Content
This month's Top Five Driving Sounds are tracks we used to review the Audison Prima speakers in a home. They all played with incredible accuracy considering the level of equipment used. Have a listen in your own car with particular attention to bass and mid range.

Take Five - Jazz at the Pawn Shop (feat. Arne Domnerus)
Since I've Been Loving' You - Led Zepplin
Girl Loves Me - David Bowie
I Don't Want to Talk About It - Crazy Horse
Something Just Like This - Coldplay, Chainsmokers

Why not send us a list of five songs you are currently enjoying in your own car for us to share? Simply click to email us.

My Top Five Driving Sounds
We hope you all enjoy the last moments of summer

Take Care

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