BMW clearly make awesome cars, but why do they sound so bad?

August? Next Stop Autumn

Welcome Driving Sounds Club members new and old! August has been a good month for us. The magazine has been getting about and inspiring people to think about their car sounds which is great. As a result some of you have taken strides to do something about the typically flat and dull sound that passes for "entertainment" in the majority of cars and we salute you for that. Last month's blog on BMW upgrades returned record result in terms of clicks and views. We are therefore taking a closer look at how BMW's can be made to sound more musical. As usual, we have placed a link behind the image above to an old August-themed tune. I like this one for its honest production values. Listen to it in your own car and if you can't unpick the source of every sound in it, it may be time to have an expert take a closer look at your in car system! -


August Embryo

Blue Sky Thinking!
Justin Murray, Director of specialist accountancy recruitment firm, Big Sky Additions, is no newbie to car audio upgrades or the listening challenges that BMW's present to the lover of high fidelity music. We are currently preparing to go and see him and have a listen to his BMW M5 and another vehicle he has recently had upgraded by FOUR MASTER Norwich In Car Entertainment - A Voce M5, I can't wait! In the meantime, follow the link to the story so far....:


Top Five Driving Sounds

The very same Justin Murray featured in this month's "embryo" has sent us a top five of tracks he is currently enjoying in his BMW M5. An excellent selection for a high tempo rush while commuting to and from work in my opinion:

Waiting all night - Rudimental
No Lie - Sean Paul
All Cried Out - Blonde, Alex Newell
Coming with You - NeYo
Into You - Fabolous

Think you have a list that would get your fellow Driving Sounds Club members going? You can share by emailing:

The Problem With Beemers....

Pictured above is definitely one of them. To maximise space on the door card for arm rests and window switches etc. BMW see fit to fire directional mid bass information at the driver and passenger's derrieres demonstrating their commitment to Hi Fi sound. What else? We have a little exploration in a blog that you can find right here:


Vehicle Specific Upgrades by FOUR MASTERS

Over the year's we have worked closely with the FOUR MASTER network. They provide us with information regarding cars we may be interested in reviewing and we offer a communications medium to help them explain to new customers what it is they are masters of! We have a great deal of respect for their work and can think of no better place for car-owning music lovers to begin there in car audio journey. The most visited feature on their website is under the "Your Car" tab and contains case studies on specific installations they have carried out. This is not exhaustive of course, and different ears and genres often require different solutions but, it is a great starting point to finding your way around. Why not nip across and have a quick look:

Radio Silence?

In the 80's video did actually begin to kill radio. The internet threatened to sound its death knell however, in this country, radio recovered and today thrives alongside people's need for randomly generated online playlists and vast libraries of digital sound files stored on a multitude of devices.
Radio in this country and specifically that transmitted by the BBC has always been of the highest quality (sound, not necessarily programming) and a recent road trip through France made me realise just how lucky we are. In France there are no national stations and therefore no coherent RDS strategy able to hand you over to a new station when the signal fades on the one you are listening to. This means that whilst bowling down the Autoroute, after approximately every three to five songs, the radio needs to be manually retuned. But added to this, the amount of audio compression seemingly applied to the output is very uncomfortable. However, I only realised why I felt so sonically uncomfortable once I returned to England and retuned to a BBC station. In comparison, I was served far superior audio output. All hail the BBC and national radio coverage! - I do wish they would find national FM frequencies for BBC 6 Music however - DAB is not yet the answer for people on the move in my opinion!
Until September, do take care!