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August Producer

Welcome to our August newsletter car audio fans! - Only just "squeaked it" and this one is slightly abridged but we hope you enjoy this monthly fix of in-car listening inspired news. We have the usual thought provoking car audio commentary below. First, a word about this year's BBC proms and in particular the very excellent Quincey Jones prom which can still be viewed on iPlayer at: For those who do not know, "Q" has been at the forefront of music production since the early 60's having worked with Jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and international crooner Frank Sinatra and having created many film and TV scores, this man has had a huge impact on all musical genres from then up to now and still occasionally works his magic in studios around the world. A music producer in the truest sense of the word, this man expands an artist's embryonic ideas into symphonic master pieces and was responsible for just about every tune Michael Jackson recorded and has worked with artists too numerous to mention. If you have a spare couple of hours I strongly recommend you watch or at least listen to this uplifting celebration of the man's music.


Driving Sounds Magazine 

Many of our 000's of club members have joined us as a result of a purchase of car audio equipment. many more have joined us because of the magazine or as a result of a demonstration and may not have made a car audio purchase yet. Our aim is to get you all to consider what you listen to in your car and how you listen to it. Driving Sounds Magazine is a unique collection of stories about car owner's experiences and a detailed look at their systems as well as an investigation as to how and why they decided to go down the route of upgrading. We also include articles on how to listen, what technical elements are important when choosing a system, and profiles of the nation's best installers. We keep the number of editorial interrupting adverts to a minimum to offer readers the best value for money offered by any specialist magazine.

If you have not already seen a copy, visit the Driving Sounds website ( and get yourself a printed copy by post along with a free Pdf download or you can simply purchase the electronic version. You can even purchase individual articles for download.



On The Road Again

Driving Sounds Magazine along with a selection of FOUR MASTERS are heading off to Chatsworth House this weekend to promote car audio upgrades to the good people attending the Chatsworth Country Fair. An odd location you may think yet, wherever there is a crowd we find there are music lovers amongst them. Most of these will never consider upgrading their car audio, unless we show them what is possible.
We go fuelled with enthusiasm for our favourite subject and a van load of magazines and several hot demonstration vehicles. If you are in the area, it would be a real joy to meet you! 
Until next month I wish you a Bon Adieu!

Sauce For The Goose...

Marcos Terentus Verro may have had something very different in mind when he coined his famous phrase. We have half-inched it in part, turned it on its head, given it a good spanking, and used it as a humorous title for a blog on the FOUR MASTERS website in an attempt to illustrate why some "Sources" sound better than others and how to make the best from the one you choose to use. This is not entirely technical and should be read by everyone other than those who have already bought into the benefits of a totally digital signal chain.


Top Five Driving Sounds

Inspired by the aforementioned Quincey Jones prom, we have compiled a list of at least five Quincy Jones written or produced tunes or pieces of work for your delectation. OK, Our counting aint to great but you have to admire our taste?

I'll Be Good To You - Ray Charles/Chaka Khan
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Baby Come To Me - Patti Austin with James Ingram
The Getaway - Soundtrack
It's My Party - Lesley Gore
The Italian Job - Film Score
Money Runner - The Heist soundtrack
Sinatra At The Sands - Frank Sinatra/Count Basie
Miles and Quincy at Montreux - Miles Davis/Quincy Jones


Why not share your own Top Five with other club members. Just send name of track and artist to: