Sometimes it snows in April - RIP Prince!

Howdy music lovers on the move, and what a fab hidden track to theme this month's newsletter with! - Wonder if you can find it?
It has been a couple of month's since our last newsletter and I must extend a warm welcome to all those who have become Driving Sounds Club members since January. The reason for our absence is entirely down to the pressures involved in creating Issue VI of Driving Sounds magazine. For those who have never seen a copy, Driving Sounds Magazine ( is a celebration of car audio systems, their owners and the hard-working installers who set car drivers free from the oppressive shackles of factory fit "entertainment" systems. Many of you have done this already and enjoy your music as much in your car as in the home. For those who haven't, it is strongly recommended and could change your life, or at least your music focus! Read on to find regular features including the mandatory Top Five Driving Tunes!

Sneaky Peek

Issue VI To Launch In May - Click Image Below For More.


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month's top five was submitted by Prima speaker upgrade winning Rab. Liking this list, especially the Level 42 track which reminds all where the band's roots really lie! - Check out the often overlooked album "The Early Tapes" for more like this!

Highway to Hell -  AC/DC (Live at River Plate)
When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin    
Animal - Def Leppard        
Relax - Frankie goes to Hollywood (New York Mix)
“43” - Level 42   (Check out this version!) 

Why not submit your own Top Five favourite tracks for driving too? This is always a lot more difficult than it sounds but don't worry, no one here is going to judge you and you may inspire others to think about what they are listening to. Email your list to us at:


Car Audio Magic


Listening to music is still in the top three of most adult's list of things they enjoy most. However, we are bombarded all day long by not very good reproduction of music and particularly when we are driving (or in a lift!) - At the risk of restating the obvious, this month we pontificate on music listening in the car! Follow this magic link to read a blog on what car audio should do for you:



It seems an age ago when we offered up five pairs of Prima speakers at an incredibly low price to five lucky followers. Below is a brief report from Rab (he's Scottish!) on how he got on at his FOUR MASTER of choice:

"Really was a nice surprise to hear that I’d won a set of Audison speakers. Car Audio Stuff at Dunbar was my choice for the fitting with Darren carrying out the upgrade. I had recently visited Car Audio Stuff to have my OE system upgraded by Darren, to a Hertz 2-way system along with an Audison AP 8.9bit Amplifier. Not wanting to loose boot space I elected to have a proprietary compact active sub installed in the spare wheel well. Skinz sound treatment was also fitted to doors and boot.

The Audison upgrade has taken this system to the next level.  Awesome sound, good staging and enough bass from the active sub to be felt, nice and loud and yet another plus on the inside it looks like its just come from the showroom, all very discreet.

My thanks to Driving Sounds for the chance to win the Audison upgrade (our pleasure! - Ed) and of course to Darren at Car Audio Stuff Dunbar for working his magic on the installation."


We love to hear your feedback so please feel free to email any comments or ideas you have to me at:

Driving Sounds On The Telly?

There was a time when being on the telly was the holy grail of publicity. I know this as I spent many years in PR trying to get some spoilt media star to say nice things about the products I was representing. In truth, this is now completely impossible and extremely dangerous as a passing comment by a presenter can destroy a product's chances of success. However, now we can make our own telly programmes for consumption on computers and mobile devices and indeed, everybody seems to be doing this. We thought it might be nice to employ the medium of moving pictures as a supplement to our magazine articles and have created an area on our website where videos can be viewed. Currently the plan is that we attempt to round up the article using moving images and where possible include the owner of a car we have featured.

To view these videos you will need a copy of the forthcoming issue of the magazine and a QR code scanner app on your phone or alternatively, you need to sign into the "CLUB" area on our website: We have two videos there already which relate to articles which will appear in issue VI. I am not a fan of looking at myself in pictures and dread looking at myself on video, but my mum says they are very nice. 
Hopefully, we will get better at this sort of thing with a little more practice - Do go and have a look and all comments, including mild abuse, are most welcome!

Until next month, go easy and turn it off unless it has been "upstalled" (Odd words create themselves when talking to camera!)