An upgraded car audio system is a wonderful thing!

Sometimes It Snows In April

Welcome Driving Sounds Club members! This month in a slight departure from tradition, we bring you a picture of a guitar (by Taylor we believe). We love a bit of finger style guitar here at DS towers and the rendition of this Prince-penned tear jerker is excellently executed by Hugo Martin, about whom we know very little. Click the image to hear and enjoy.
Listen to it in your car and if it doesn't move you then perhaps it is time to visit your local FOUR MASTER? Read on for other music-based tomfoolery.

Driving Sounds Magazine

Sometimes it is easy for us to forget we are a magazine, so absorbed are we in generating great content! This is a reminder that issue VII is still available in both print and Pdf form. Just follow this link to get your hands on a copy:
We archive all of our editorial copy and when appropriate release some of it for free of charge viewing via a Pdf download. We are thrilled to confirm that Issue IV has now been added to the list  for free downloads.


Top Five Driving Sounds

This month's Top Five has a hint of family road trip about it in anticipation of a summer of travelling the roads with our loved ones and a banging system with "loads-a-fun" mode selected!

I’ve Got Friends - Manchester Orchestra
Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
I Can Climb Mountains - Hell Is For Heroes
My Name Is Human - Highly Suspect
Paradise - George Ezra

Don't forget you can submit one of your own to us here: editorial@driving

Impedance In The Spotlight

We continue our journey down a typical speaker specification list by looking more closely at impedance. Seemingly straight forward, car audio tends to stretch the rules of impedance matching to the very boundaries. What happens if they should stray outside the lines? How do we judge a speaker by its impedance? is there a relevance to this element of a specification list. Find out by clicking the link below:


Hertz Cento Pro

The beautiful piece of art you are looking at is a Hertz Mille Pro MP 250 D4.3 subwoofer. Its design has fallen out of the Mille Legend project. The Mille Legend range took Hertz to new levels of sonic excellence. Mille Pro is a reach down range insofar as it encompasses many of the elements of its big brothers, but due to innovative manufacturing methods, the cost has been closely controlled to make it more affordable for those with budget constraints. Clearly, compromises have to be made during this process. However, costing £250 less than the equivalent Mlle Legend subwoofer, you would expect this. Performance-wise, we believe it is worth every penny of its £349.99 and provides bags of musical sub bass while handling plenty of power. If you like it low and strong you could do much worse.
Check them out right here:

Sound of Silence

In the last couple of days, I have experienced some issues with my on-board sounds and to my absolute dismay, my system has finally packed in altogether. Although I am certain that the problem is not insurmountable, the feeling of emptiness I am currently experiencing while I await a solution has made me re evaluate just how fortunate we are to have access to fantastic sounds on the move. Fortunately, I am not expecting to make any long journeys in the near future. Sometimes, it is only when something stops we realise how important it is to us!
Until next month, do take care and enjoy your in car sounds!