Whatever happened to March?

April, Come She Will!

This beautiful little song welcomes you to the April Driving Sounds Club bulletin. Mind you, only just scraped in, as we have been extremely busy trying to put the final touches to the magazine - Well, the writing and photography part anyway! I am sure all of you magazine publishers out there are wondering what all the fuss is about. The magazine is put together by a very small, dedicated team who are all busy doing other things too. Anyway, very nearly there and you can find out more about the forthcoming issue below. Enjoy our little missive and do contact us with anything audio or music related at: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk

Driving Sounds Magazine Issue VII

Issue VII is well and truly nearly on the way - A bit vague? - Well perfection takes time! - This issue has more great sounding cars in than usual and we are really excited about bringing this issue to you. We are looking at the end of May as we have design phase and then print to finish off. As soon as we are done, you will be the first to know! - Want to know more? feel free to contact us: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk


Top Five Driving Sounds


This month's top five comes from happy driving music lover Ricky Mills. Ricky has been with us for some time and is about to have the system he had in his Leased Golf, transferred over to his new Audi TTS. More on this v. soon. In the meantime, his current fave five are listed below:
Nocturn - Kate Bush

Cracking list Ricky, thanks so much for sharing!
If you would like to offer a top five you can do so here: editorial@drivingsounds.co.uk

Stop That Noise!

Proper sound treatment is essential to good audio in a car but it can also make the noisiest road vehicle feel like a luxury saloon. In this blog, we explore some of the rhyme and reason for having your FOUR MASTER do a proper job of treating your vehicle and look at some of the wild extremes some drivers go to to make their tractors feel like a Mercedes!
Go here now: http://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/caraudio/stop-that-noise-sound-deadening-for-car-audio-applications/


More From Ricky Mills

As well as submitting the very excellent Top Five list opposite, Ricky had some very encouraging words to say about aftermarket upgrades generally. I have turned his comments into a blog but have included some of his top quotes below:
"I picked up another copy of Driving Sounds mag whilst at Accutek in Winchester a month back"  
"I was also discussing options for my new car (Audi TTS) with Stuart."
"I opted to keep my £450 for the B&O upgrade and put that towards paying Accutek to fit some of my kit and upgrade some bits." 
 "The TTS is booked in for May 5th for the kit to be fitted by Accutek and it can’t come soon enough!" 

Digital Signal Chains

While constructing this mail out, I have been enjoying listening to a variety of music ranging from Ricky's excellent Top Five (loved every one of them!) on Youtube to a selection of Jazz streamed as 16bit FLAC files from Qobuz and have been marvelling at the clarity and precision with which all of the music has been delivered. Youtube is notorious for being full of very low-grade audio but, if you take good care with delivery. You can still enjoy the results.
Pictured above is a digital music bundle from a company called HiFiBerry. I have this very bundle incorporated into my own listening space as it enables me to listen to CD and Hi res Flac files with a very short digital signal chain. I have an amplifier with an optical input and on-board DAC which is good for 24bit, 96kHz Hi-res audio, hanging off the end of the mysterious miniature "Orac" pictured above. Music is stored on a cheap and cheerful 2 Tb HDD. The music is selected using a piece of open-source software called Volumio and allows me to put play lists together and search artist, song, album, genre from the comfort of my own phone, computer or iPad. The quality I am enjoying is absolutely marvellous. Maybe not the most elegant plug and play product available and I had to enlist the help of a good friend with IT skills to help get it going, but comparatively cheap and keeps me extremely cheerful. 
Until next month, take care and listen to everything very carefully!